The mystic Rumi reminds us that ~We were given Nature ~ the trees the rivers, the stones, the earth beneath our soles. We were not given building & concrete & continual noise. Most of our homes do NOT support us to thrive nor support our TRUE nature. These strange unnatural environments we have created poison the blood & the spirit.

We used to go to sleep at dark & wake at dawn. No wonder we have trouble finding our light.

It takes 25 thousand years to adapt to an environment, we began to radically invent this amazing experimant called civilisation only 6000 years ago and continue to change it right up until now & beyond and at frightening speed!

We just have not had the time to catch up. Our psyches & our distressed souls are crying out for us to slow down this process. Take a breath, look around. So few of us now live well & die well. Our shamanic societies lived in what we were “given” to support us & we grew into who we are & thrived & over many millions of years. How may we become what we are meant to be when our created built environment is so very foreign to our true essence. Our recent ancestors in shamanic based societies lived in what Rumi says “we were given” for our true natures. We grew out from this nature that was given, we thrived for many millions of years. Surely we can now see we have left behind too much too soon, thrown the proverbial baby out with the bath water. It’s time for us to taste what your ancestors knew, step into their world, their shoes, for they knew much about being balanced, centred, connected & content. Shamanism is not asking us to return to a life lost, but it is saying we may keep the jewels of our past, keep and use the golden knowledge for a better life and a better world.