What is Vastu ?

Anthony is a Vastu expert. I can help you bring your dream home to life by designing one with you, or remodelling your home, or simply getting the best out of your existing home by Vastu adjustments and cures. I am a university qualified Interior designer & building designer.        

Vastu : The ancient poetic art & science of crafting a home with soul, it is the Yoga of Space

Vastu is the poetic art of crafting an energetically balanced home for & of the soul. A *home that supports our own souls’ true destiny, highest potential and life purpose. A home that encourages & illuminates and connects us to the health & true wealth of the body, mind, and spirit, in comfort and ease. A home that naturally connects us to nature & great source and the very elements that create and hold the universe. Vastu Shastra is the more formal name of Vastu and is often translated meaning “The Science of Building” but perhaps it is more correctly

Vastu Feng Shui Symbol
Designed by Anthony Ashworth

translated as “Knowledge of the Spirit of Land & building”, as Vastu Purusha literally means the “indwelling spirit” (of the land & building on it.)

* I use the word home here as a generalization as it can apply to any building occupied by people.

Vastu does it work?

Do people living in a Vastu home find it works?  

Architecture is guesswork, Architects are not taught to design with the occupant’s life aspirations and overall well being, in mind. They do not generally have knowledge of the basic constructs and forces that underlie the very fabric of the universe. They simply are not taught this at a university.

But Vastu does. Architects and building designers are taught how to put a building together how to assemble its parts and use materials. They are taught the design process and with a disproportional emphasis on what a building looks like, not how it supports the core needs of its occupants. Vastu on the other hand, in conjunction with good Architectural and building knowledge, provides comprehensive time-tested formula and templates that enable, homes, & buildings to be designed with these underlying principles that have been proven to work over 10s of thousands of years. Creating living building that are in sympathy with the very forces that created the universe and our world in the first place, building based on Vastu principle have a higher vibratory resonance and a more suitable vibration for people to thrive in, to enable them to more easily achieve their goals of happiness and success in many areas of there live from, beautiful relationships, to connected healthy family and success in business and career and life generally.

But do the people who live in Vastu designed homes, find that it works?

A widely published research sociologist wanted to find out and quantify this, so he sent a comprehensive survey measuring the quality of life to several hundred people worldwide that live in Vastu dwellings. The survey’s results are powerful; they lend a great deal of credence to the claims that living in these homes would create an influence of good health, happiness, family harmony, and growth toward enlightenment.

90% reported improved quality of life

85% reported less stress and better health

80% reported improved mental health

88% reported their children were happier

92% reported greater overall success

All attributed to living in Vastu.

*Vastu is a form of ancient Indian Feng Shui

Anthony Ashworth Zen home ~ Conscious home: Vastu design

Research as published by the Transcendental Meditation Organisation. 2107

Vastu Purusha Mandala: The Purusha is the actual indwelling spirit of the home, shown contained within the space, a perfect archetypal square, the square representing earth, lying on the ground face down, with his hands in prayer and his head to the NorthEast and feet in the SouthWest.    

I am able to Vastu consult to existing homes on-site or remotely to improve the Vastu. Simply e-mail or send me your floor plans, a few photos site plan etc.


For new homes or project pre-designed homes and even remotely anywhere in the world. Simply e-mail or send me your address floor plan & site plan etc.

A home should be a place of heart where the occupants thrive & shine as well as the home.
Vastu : the Yoga of Space

Yoga is defined as meaning Union, union of body and soul with the divine forces of the universe

Vastu can be defined as the Yoga of space, meaning the union of our own organic system (our body mind spirit) with the organic ecosystem that is our home, with the organic system that is Nature and then union with the greater universe and ultimately the great self for realization.

With Vastu we want to invite in as much positive energy into the home, hold that energy within the space & by encouraging the North and East and NorthEast energy (therefore light as well as subtle energy ) and minimise the West and Southern energy, whilst holding energy toward the South and SouthWest.

Part of this principle is that we want to invite Sattvic or pure energy in, but also need to hold the energy and minimise or balance Rajasic (harsh fast movement) and Tamasic (slow stuck) energy.

This is important for the entire home and site as a whole, as well as essentialrooms like the main bedroom. We endeavour to maximise the East, the North and NorthEast exposure and minimise the south and west. Gateways of positive energy such as the NorthEast need to energised and less favourable directions minimised or balanced. Much of the corrections can be made via the application of the balance of the 4 great elements of Earth, Air Fire & Water as well as Space or ether.

Vastu is used in the planning and design of individual rooms, homes, residential complexes, commercial and industrial premises, health Spas and health resorts and major public projects.

The square-grid Vastu mandala should be viewed as a model only, a model of a living organic system, it is a map, and the map is not to be mistaken for what it represents, the terrain, a living system and organism. The map helps to describe the territory but is not the territory itself. It describes the organization & effects of energy within spaces. It is not intended to be used as a literal floor plan but as a guide to knowing the truths of how energy works in environments. Once we have constructed 4 walls and a roof we have created a miniature universe where all the elements of the larger universe are at play.

Each and every piece of a land or a building has a soul of its own and that soul is known as Vastu Purusha, which is the very spirit of that land and that building. Vastu means land & building and Purusha means spirit, so it the spirit of the land and building. Vastu concerns itself with how our own soul and body may interact with that indwelling spirit.e manipulated for our betterment. It does not intend to mandate a set of compulsory architectural rules.

Buildings which are not built according to Vastu can be re-harmonised by means of various Vastu rectification tools according to what needs to be brought back into balance & harmony.

Vastu design integrates architecture with nature & with the nature of people and the relative functions of various parts of the structure, in accord to the cardinal directions the sun the moon and surrounding landscape or urban landscape and the energies of the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Akasha (space) and as demonstrated by the geometry of the home. find out more by requesting your free half hour chat about your Vastu needs and how I can help you.