Upon the Wings of birds. Shamanic objects

I have many feather fans, for smudging and shamanic clearing.  I have made for myself that I use for Space Clearing places & for shamanic healing & clearing or that I have made for special Shamanic friends. But I had never been drawn to a full birds wing fan. I was once given one which was taken back within a minute with the friends saying no I can’t gift you this after all. And so I hear that spirit says I don’t need one. I am very vigorous when I am fanning, it’s almost  Thai Chi sword dance movements, so I also wondered if this was the reason, that a wing is more gentle and slow.

I do have a number of shamanic bird power guides as well. Last week I held a mini shamanic power object workshop where I facilitated the making of serval special pieces, including a crystal-topped & crystal-laden staff & & a feather fan. As part of my fee I was gifted I a full hawk’s wing, then only days afterwards when bushwalking I found a very fresh dead powerful owl in a significant power spot on the bush. And so harvested a wing, on the spot. Today I found dead Raven on my walk, Raven is a guide of mine so I asked should I bury it or make something from it. I got a clear make something. (Ravens are cawing loudly as I write this. So I now have four wings in my studio being preserved, before I make some power objects from them. Perhaps it’s time to fly and have the wind under my wings? Perhaps it’s time to meet a new power animal spirit guide?