The Spring Equinox

spring equinox, anthony ashworth, vastu

The Spring Equinox is getting close: Sunday 23rd September 2018. Thought I’d give a heads up so you may do some preparations in advance.

The day & the night are of equal length. Shamanic traditions honoured this point on the wheel of the year. Think about how you may bring more balance into your life, ☯️ how is the balance of Yin & Yang in your home.

From this point, each day is longer with more light, how may you bring more light into your life?

Being Reborn

Rebirth is a big part of spring – traditional legends tell of this time as the return of the king (the suns return) who courts the maiden earth.

It’s traditional to plant seeds at this time, their growth symbolises triumph over death, or being reborn.

Maybe it’s time to make that change you’ve been thinking about all winter?

This is the perfect time to shake the dust away from the dark days and brighten your home up. The term “Spring clean” Is self-evident.

Consciously cleaning can really turn your attitude to cleaning around. Know you are changing the energy of your home (therefore all who live in it) around as well as mere cleaning. see for more hints on conscious cleaning.  It’s a really great time to do a Space Clearing. please contact me if I can do that for you or call for a free half-hour to discuss your needs  Space Clearing   

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