• Remove those old, stale & negative vibrations from your space.
  • For a fresh positive and supporting environment 
  •  On-site in your home or business or remote anywhere in the world  
  • Space Clearing & blessings of land, homes, and businesses

Space Clearing is a process that removes all the “bad vibes” and old stale energy from any space or building, for a clean fresh start. The removal of the stale & old allows the installation & blossoming of the positive & new. People can feel the difference.

It’s a fresh start, in some ways like rebooting your computer, when it just can’t cope. So I invite you reboot your home life by having it professionally Space Clearing.

How a place looks is one thing, how it feels is just as important. We put a lot of emphasis on what a home looks like, but often overlook how it feels or we are unable to do anything to change how it feels. We have all experienced going into a place or a room that just does not feel right. Space clearing sorts this out by resetting and revitalising the space, so it no longer feels that way. In fact, takes the feeling even further and allows it to feel markedly better then it ever has.

Please call or e-mail me I’d love to talk to you about your own particular needs and how I may be able to help with no obligation.

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The existence of such Beings is not conjecture, although the vast majority of humankind is still unaware. The pages that follow offer guidance about how work together with, our universal co-inhabitants as we join us join together in an act of co-creation.

If you are after a professional space clearer I recommend visiting Anthony Ashworth. He is a wonderful space clearer.

Liz Wiggins Feng Shui practitioner and former president of Association of Feng Shui Practitioners

Remote Clearing

As a shaman with the ability to travel inter-dimensionally as well as work with and on distant remote properties.

I am able to do remote Space Clearings that are deep and have proven to be very effective, even to homes on the other side of the planet.

And I change less than half my normally on-site Space Clearing fee.

Whilst I love being able to be on site to meet the client in person,  I consider that my remote clearings are much deeper and more effective than most other onsite practitioners I know. Especially when its a difficult or dark job.

Whilst this may sound somewhat audacious, I have to be in my integrity, as I see and feel it and as experience has shown to be true.

Very critically and importantly also included in the remote Clearing fee at no additional charge,  is a full and Very critically and importantly is a thorough diagnostic remote dowsing of the property & home for troublesome physical and or psychic energies, before the clearing, this is an important integral part of the remote Space Clearing process.

Testimonial: Remote clearing in Tel Aviv. Israel

After we bought our house a new neighbour moved in and the energy (and planning permission process) was turned on it’s head.

I am SO glad we called on Anthony to clear the home and restore Joy to her fabulous energies. Anthony was professional, his process was clear, and the result were immediate. We are to what we are creating, a delightful home for our family. The changes are palpable and literal. And as a (HUGE!) bonus, Anthony also unblocked my professional ‘home’ space – my website. After similar footdragging it was suddenly easy. 

I can’t thank you enough Anthony! – Natalie

Natalie Shell
Coach & Speaker
Author: The Wedding Virus

Space Clearing empties out the embedded old energy so the new fresh feeling can shine and be present. After a Space clearing typical real reactions may include:

“The home just felt completely different, all the old negative feelings were gone”  

“Wow the office feels so much better,  all the burden of the past and previous occupants negative crap is gone”  

“The house has been on sale for over 12 months it sold within a week”  

Selling a home.  

Space Clearing helps sell homes ! Especially when everything has been done and it just will not shift. Often the poor energy or life difficulties of previous occupants gets stuck in the very walls and floors or the owners or previous occupants sentimental feeling about letting go, get in the way. These feelings can be subtly felt, so even if they like the look of a place, and it meets their wish list,it is just much harder for prospective buyers or new renters to imagine themselves living there. Here is a blog post and video on Spce Clearing to sell your home 

Testimonial My home has up for sale for 12 long months! Anthony did a remote Space Clearing, the next day the Real Estate Agent said  “all the negative feeling have gone” and amazingly the house was sold within 4 days ! Thank you , Anthony, I am so grateful!” Jennifer Harwood Business coach

“You wouldn’t wear second-hand clothes that have not been washed. I would strongly recommend not to live in a home without it being cleared first. You’ll be wearing the life, the unmet dreams, and issues of everyone who has ever lived there.” 

Even when owners have really tried to let go sometimes deep & hidden psychological connections may be preventing the sale and polluting the impression buyers feel. Many people report feeling these energies just from the photos of the home. Space Clearing and the supporting processes, allows these emotions, feeling, vibrations and energies to be let go of. Remarkably Space Clearing more often than not leads to a quicker faster sale or re-lease.

Space Clearing is available to you anywhere in Australia or the world.  

The process of Space Clearing can very effectively be carried out from a distance without the need to visit the site. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, some good some not so good, these frequencies can be lifted to allow a place to feel better and much more inviting.

Recently I Space Cleared the home of a young woman with chronic fatigue.  She also had me dowse for Geopathic stress, as she herself had a feeling it might be an issue! Well, it was! A number of negative Geopathic lines were present and the two strongest crossed over on her bed, & where she due to her condition spent much of her time. The good news is I was able to completely neutralise the stress lines, so now she may begin to heal in earnest

Space Clearing for business

A Space Clearing is just the thing when you or your business are feeling a little lack luster or stuck. It’s ideal after a troublesome staff member has left, as it resets the positive energy. Staff retention rates and absenteeism can be markedly reduced when the office or business feels like someplace people want to be. Combining a Vastu Feng Shui consultation with a Space Clear could be just the boost your business needs right now ! Call me or email me to discuss your needs.

Anthony Ashworth the house whisperer has Space Cleared and re-energised dozens of homes, Expos, conferences, schools, and businesses. An internationally acclaimed space clearer and teacher, Anthony is reputed to be Australia’s most knowledgeable and powerful Space clearer and energiser of spaces. Many of Anthony clients are referred to him by leading professional Feng Shui consultants. They know what a difference Anthony can make to a place.

Yesterday I Space Cleared the Real Estate offices of one of Australia’s foremost Feng Shui Real Estate agents.

Please call or e-mail me I’d love to talk to you about your own particular needs and how I may be able to help, with no obligation.  ph 0402 268 508 or email me connect@anthonyashworth.com