Space Clearing for Selling Your Home

Space Clearing is a process that removes all the “bad vibes” and old stale energy from your home.

 “Before you have  that conversation about adjusting your expectations on the value of your home “

Everyday living may leave behind subtle traces of poor energy embedded in a building. You may yourself have had the experience of entering a room that for no particular reason you can see, doesn’t feel good or OK. Perhaps it was where people have just had a bad argument. That old saying: “you could cut the atmosphere with a knife” is an example of this. Or you may recall going someplace that just did not feel right, even if you could not put your finger on why?

Just the anxiety of deciding to put your home on the market, along with the stresses of preparing your home can embed palpable & negative feelings into your home.  Let alone the stress of when no one seems to want to view the home or no one is putting in an offer. These feelings may embed themselves in the building and affect buyer’s choices on a sub-conscious level. They may feel on some level that the home does not feel quite right not for them?   The removal of the stale & old or odd energy allows the new to prosper.  People can feel the difference in a home that has been cleared.  So it’s ideal, if not absolutely necessary prior to putting your home on the market, and critical to have been done before your real estate agent has that conversation with you about: “adjusting your expectations” on the value of your home. Space clearing is an investment seriously worth considering, an investment that is a tiny fraction of what an adjustment to your expectations of the value of your home may entail.

Space clearing allows potential buyers to more easily feel the home is meant for them, that it’s not someone else’s home.  Most of us have felt for ourselves or heard stories of buyers saying:

“I just had that feeling this was meant to be my home. It just felt right.”

So give me a no-obligation call, on 0402 268 508  to discuss your needs and to see if a Space Clearing could help sell your home. You can read more about Space clearing here

Here is just one testimonial

My home has up for sale for 12 long months! Anthony did a remote Space Clearing, the next day the Real Estate Agent said  “all the negative feeling have gone” and amazingly the house was sold within 4 days ! Thank you , Anthony, I am so grateful!” Jennifer Harwood Business coach

Do watch to the above Video. 

Space Clearing helps sell homes ! Especially when everything has been done and it just will not shift. Often the poor energy or life difficulties of previous occupants gets stuck in the very walls and floors or the owners or previous occupants sentimental feeling about letting go, get in the way. These feelings can be subtly felt, so even if they like the look of a place, and it meets their wish list,it is just much harder for prospective buyers or new renters to imagine themselves living there.

“You wouldn’t wear second-hand clothes that have not been washed. I would strongly recommend not to live in a home without it being cleared first. You’ll be wearing the life, the unmet dreams, and issues of everyone who has ever lived there.” 

Even when owners have really tried to let go sometimes deep & hidden psychological connections may be preventing the sale and polluting the impression buyers feel. Many people report feeling these energies just from the photos of the home. Space Clearing and the supporting processes, allows these emotions, feeling, vibrations and energies to be let go of. Remarkably a Space Clearing more often than not leads to a quicker faster sale or re-lease.

I understand the pressures of selling your home, so I am also able to offer you an agreement for you to pay on sale and settlement.

Anthony Ashworth 

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