Energetic Cleansing & Healing


Energy purification ceremony


  • Heal physical ailments
  • Remove energetic blockages & alignments
  • Heal leaks & in your energy system
  • Re-gain your energy for life
  • Mental and psychic healing
  • Kickstart your creativity
  • Reboot your life, with a new fresh start
  • Increased psychic protectionThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sound-healing.jpg

Taki Sami (a Kichwa word from South America) meaning (((sound pulse))) is sound vibrational healing methods using musical instruments, such as frame drum, bells, click sticks, chimes, flutes, plants, bamboo or bones, shell, rattles, tuning forks as well as chants, voice, Mantra and much more. It may also include clearing of and extraction of negative energies.

Each instrument’s frequencies penetrate deep into a specific part of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It vibrates your bones and each of your body’s organs, cells & even DNA removing and releasing blocked energy, fears and traumas, and letting the energy flow again in harmony. This sound vibrational healing is combined with smudging, feathering, crystal healing and Shamanic Reiki and shamanic seeing of issues that may be present.

A happy Client offers Anthony as a prize to her clients :

The main prize is a personal energy clearing with my druid, Anthony Ashworth who is utterly sensational & the real deal. It’s best in person but he travels all over the place AND can do all kinds of whizzery via Skype and tuning in to your vibe if need be. He also has an amazing industrial strength “Fuq Off Negativity” spray that comes in a big gun-pump style container (none of those nonsensical little fiddly sprays) and has sage infused colloidal silver harmonized water sort of ingredients. And his clearing involves a massive drum and singing to you in Sanskrit. Recommended, obviously. So a personal energy-clear with Anthony is the prize number one. https://mysticmedusa.com

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“Phaq off negativity scrub”

Shamanic spiritual cleansing salt Body Scrub : $42.00 + postage Australia post

“Phaq off negativity bath salts”

Shamanic spiritual cleansing healing bath salts : $42.00 + postage via Australia post.

Both scrub and bath salts may be used separately or in conjunction with each other.