Putting our bodies in direct connection with the earth

Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear. —Hippocrates

As human beings, we have evolved for millions of years to be barefooted & not wear shoes! Shoes are a relatively new invention and came with the development of civilization, towns, and cities, sadly we stopped walking regularly on the earth.

The sin of shoes … is it actually a sin not to walk on the earth! …. really? 

The use of the word “sin” as used above by Hippocrates the so called father of modern medicine is very of old-fashioned, but originally sin meant a  “failure, being in error, missing the mark” so its context here it’s correct.

Grounding, otherwise called earthing is also, it’s getting traction in some scientific and medical circles these days as well.

There is said to be a subtle electromagnetic field exchange between our bare feet and the earth, this electromagnetic exchange is said to be curative and help support healing of many ailments, including serious ones. Ideally of you wanted to take this seriously you would spend 10minutes EVERY day on the earth with your shoes off. One of my clients recently said she would now hang out & bring-in the washing on her lawn, without wearing her shoes, brilliant & simple!

Can you think of some simple way to bring in a regular ritual like this? 

Of course, earthing and grounding may also have amazing psychological and spiritual benefits as well. It really grounds us and therefore can even potentially help us feel less anxious and less depressed.

An aboriginal elder once told me.

“When the kids are misbehaving instead of just shouting at them to STOP IT!  or behave yourselves, my people, my mob still shout at them, be we shout this very specific instruction out loud to them instead …..


Remember  “You are the earth, you do not just live on it!” 

Reconnection to this knowing of “you are the earth” is primary for living an intimately connected life.  Apple trees grow apples, the earth grows people!

I teach techniques to deepen this practice and other shamanic nature based practices that are easy in implement and that bring deep connection and healing.

Ideally we would all take a short 10 minutes a day to earth and ground.

We were born without shoes, its nature and beautiful to do so

“So Take your shoes off !  and get outside onto the grass for 10 min. NOW! ” 

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