Soul Retrieval

“I’ve been soul searching for ages ”

“I feel my life is fractured”

“I feel like I’m cursed”

“Something is missing in my life that stops me from excelling”

Anthony is one of a small handful of shamanic practitioners in Australia who is experienced in and does soul retrievals. Before a soul retrieval, I advise that a full shamanic energetic cleansing should be carried out, to allow you, the client to be ready to receive the return of your lost peace and lost pieces. And then importantly welcoming that piece back into your life and holding it and integrating it fully.

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Is it possible that a part of the soul can indeed be lost? … Yes

What causes the loss? What is the solution?

Soul loss creates a real loss, an emptiness within us that can never be filled except by the piece that is missing being found. 

The shaman via soul retrieval finds the missing piece & like a jigsaw returns it back into place & so that we are whole & home once more. Then we can heal then we can move forward.

We can not fully heal is we are not whole when a piece of us is missing.

Your lost piece can lead to lost peace:

“I just want to say, my soul retrieval is the most beautiful gift that a human being could ever wish for or need.

It is more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Soul Retrieval is the key to wholeness and healing. I am ever so grateful and highly recommend Anthony.”

Blessings to you all

Love Sharon

Whenever we suffer an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. The definition of soul that I am using is our essence, life force, the part of our vitality that keeps us alive and thriving.

Any event that causes shock could cause soul loss.

And what might cause soul loss in one person might not cause soul loss in another.

“The types of trauma that could cause soul loss in our culture would be any kind of abuse sexual, physical, or emotional. Other causes could be an accident, being in a war, being a victim of a terrorist act, acting against our morals, being in a natural disaster (a fire, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.), surgery, addictions, divorce, or death of a loved one.

It is important to understand that soul loss may have been essential even a good thing that happens to us. It is how we survive the pain. If I was going to be in a head-on car collision, the last place that I would want to be at the point of impact is on my body. Our psyche cannot endure that kind of pain. So our psyches have this brilliant self-protection mechanism where a part of our essence or soul leaves the body so that we do not feel the full impact of the past, abuse or loss.

In psychology, we call this disassociation. But in psychology, we don’t talk about what disassociates and where that part goes. In shamanism, we understand that a piece of the soul leaves the body and goes to a territory in what shamans call nonordinary reality where it waits until someone intervenes in the spiritual realms and facilitates its return.

Although soul loss is a survival mechanism the problem from a shamanic point of view is that the soul part that left usually does not come back on its own. The soul might be lost, or stolen by another person, or doesn’t know the trauma has passed and it is safe to return.

It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the client.

There are many common symptoms of soul loss. Some of the more common ones would be dissociation where a person does not feel fully in his or her body and alive and fully engaged in life. Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency problems, and grief that just does not heal. Addictions are also a sign of soul loss as we seek external sources to fill up the empty spaces inside of us whether through substances, food, relationships, work, or buying material objects.

Anytime someone says, I have never been the same since ….. a certain event and they don’t mean this in a good way, soul loss has probably occurred.

Today there has been a resurgence in the interest of the practice of shamanism. It is interesting to note that as soul loss was so understood in shamanic cultures people who suffered traumas were given a soul retrieval within three days after a trauma occurred.

Today, as we have not been practising soul retrieval modern-day practitioners, are going back ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years or even more looking for lost soul parts.

Also in a shamanic culture, the individuals knew what was out of balance in their lives that might have caused an illness or issue to occur.

In our culture, we are unaware of what is out of spiritual harmony that is creating illness. And because often our soul loss happened so young we are unaware of the unconscious patterns we are living out due to our first experience of soul loss. We are always trying to retrieve our soul. And how we do this is by repeating the same trauma over and over again. The names might change of the people involved in our life story, but the story is often the same.

The effects of having a soul retrieval vary from person to person. Some people feel that they are more grounded in their body and feel more solid. Some people feel lighter and a joyful way of being returns to them. For some memories of the past traumas might be triggered by bringing up a variety of feelings that must be worked through. And for some people, the effects are too subtle to notice a change until further work to integrate the soul is done.

As people feel more present in their bodies and in the world they become more conscious of behaviour that might be out of balance and disharmonious. When we are numb we might be aware that things in the world are not right but we can easily distract ourselves from feeling a need to change. When we are fully “inspirited” there is no place to retreat to and we are more inspired to change our lives. Extract from Sandra Ingerman Shamanic Teacher

A power animal retrieval can be conducted in person or on your behalf long distance or via Skype or face time.

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