Entity Removal

Entity removal ~ help with Ghosts 

Anthony has a lot of experience in this field of negative home or personal energies and attachements, he is able to identify & successfully completely remove or sooth earth bound entities,  spirits, displaced ansestors  poltagists and  ghosts. . These energies can be very disruptive to the living and are often firstly identified by children living in a home.

By combining Space Clearing with Shamanic practices & may include Vastu, to strengthen pychic barriers and protection.  Anthony has very successfully helped people with theses problematic energies.

“Entities and dis-possessed beings are real and we can have them attached to us or our homes.”

We can pick these up one when we spend time in negative environments where pain and distress reside, such as court houses, Hospitals, some old peoples homes & even shopping centres.   We can pick up negative entities because of our state of mind,  when we go into fear and negativity ourselves, the psycho-spiritual links between our state of mind & entities can be very strong. I have many clients who come to me saying they feel that may have a negative entity attached to them. They are often in distress or feel this energy has drained them and sometimes over a very long time.

Do trust your instincts & intuitive awareness, that you have something attached or embedded within you, I always acknowledge my clients awareness,

if it feels like something is wrong, then something IS wrong.  

All ancient cultures acknowledged that negative entities exist, these may be hungry ghosts or offended land spirits or unresolved ancestors   and that they may target us and drain ones life force & energy or even begin to define our perception of the world in not so good ways.

Anthony has also helped clients with the breaking of personal, family, ancestoral curses or ongoing negative patterns in life.

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