Set Yourself Free with Deep Shamanic healing

Set Yourself Free with Deep Shamanic healing

Set yourself free ~ A guide to and for a whole life

“What you fear to look in the eye can become your greatest Ally.

What you keep in the dark may haunt you”

When you have the courage to look from behind your covered eyes at that demon you fear most. It can become a literal powerful guiding spirit in your life.

By lovingly feeding rather than starving that demon, that deeply embedded wound, which we may have had since early childhood, that demon that haunts the recesses of our Pyhce and prevents us from fully living and stepping into our greatness,

This most beautiful of shamanic techniques originally comes out of ancient Tibetan shamanism was introduced to me by one of my mentors, Paddy Murry a psychotherapist & shamanic counsellor & when I leaned into him, asking him for help in a troubled time in my life. I am forever grateful to him and the amazing guiding light it turned out to be.

It came to me at a time when I most needed it, I felt lost and felt I was drowning in deep childhood wounds that had surfaced and been triggered by feelings of betrayal and abandonment. It helped to heal at the deepest core of my being and got me back on my feet, to begin to walk again, to move forward with more authenticity on my journey to realising my self and my life’s purpose.

I have since taken this technique as adopted by Tibetan Buddhism, back deeper, back to its original shamanic roots. Using ancient shamanic ways, this return allows the opportunity of building a life-long relationship with a powerful spirit guide to provide not only healing but ongoing psychic support, protection and guidance on our journey in life.

If this calls to you, call me. This shamanic healing process can be very successfully done over skype or video casting, so it’s available to everyone, anywhere on the globe.

Contact me for a free no obligation half hour mentoring session to discuss if this may help you as it did me.

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