“Phaq off negativity SHAMANIC scrub”

Shamanic spiritual cleansing Body Scrub : $42.00 + postageAustralia post

“Phaq off negativity SHAMANIC bath salts”

Shamanic spiritual Cleansing healing bath salts: $42.00 + postage via Australia post.

Both scrub and bath salts may be used separately or in conjunction with each other. By both for $72 + postage via Australia post.

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Shamans from various shamanic traditions have been using various healing and cleansing plants to rub on client’s bodies for healing for thousands of years.

shamanic healing scrub

I have a special Shamanic scrub based on ancient shamanic traditions; it removes energetic blocks, will help to dislodge negative foreign energies & attachments, may help dislodge entities and it helps with psychic protection & may help relieve emotional & physical pain.

And the bonus is it’ a really great beauty treatment for your skin, removing dead skin cells and moisturising and revitalising the skin.

I have been using this scrub with great success exclusively for clearing and healing clients for many years and it is now available to buy. It is useful for clearing the body and your energy field. It is made up of over 26 ingredients. Including Australian sea salt, many wildcrafted plants and flowers, including rosemary, sage, white sage, juniper, tea tree, lavender, rose, oak & birch. Essential oil including lavender, juniper, and virgin olive oil and coconut oil, earth ochre.

“Phaq off negativity scrub” is imbued with specific shamanic energies and plant spirits.  I work with the plant spirits allies to energies the scrub and it is invested with sacred mantras for removal of negative energy, sacred runic symbols and shamanic prayers and blessings.

Comes with a *100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

A bag of “Phaq off negativity scrub” is suitable for up to 4 separate energy removal sessions.

Comes with full instructions on how to use it. $42 plus postage.

Shamanic cleansing bath salts. “Phaq off negativity bath salts”

This beautiful nurturing and clearing bath salt will soothe and rebalance your body and soul. Relax the muscles, the mind the soul and spirit.

Based on ancient shamanic traditions for clearing the body and energy field it is made up of over 28 ingredients. Including magnesium Epson salts, Australian sea salt, wildcrafted plants flowers. Including white sage, sage rosemary, juniper, lavender, rose, birch, oak  & tea tree.  Pure essential oils of lavender, juniper, tea tree, virgin olive oil, coconut oil, earth ochre.

I work with the plant spirit allies to energise the scrub, and they are invested with sacred mantra and prayer as well.

A bag of “Phaq off negativity bath salts” is suitable for up to 6 separate negative energy removal healing soothing bath sessions.

Comes with full instructions on how to use it  $42 plus postage.

Disclaimer These products & techniques, as well as, all other spiritual cleansing techniques do not replace medical or psychological advice and treatment. These are only techniques for spiritual and energetic use!

*100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, after the first use. For whatever reason. Return the unused portion within 14 days for a full refund of the product price