I caught this Yin Yang balanched picture in my hallway of a late afternoon




Love your Hallway.

Hallways are rooms too.  Places that need to be loved like the rest of your home. Sure you may not spent that much time in them, but they are critical places, where we transition from one space to another space occurs and colorings our psyches as all spaces do as we go.

We may even notice our halls more than other rooms as we are not conditioned by long lengths of time to stop seeing what’s in them. They are often, but not always narrow so the furnishings need to be in accordance with this.  If very narrow, we may use art works or mirrors and there is specially furniture for halls such as hallstands console tables, entrance benches etc. Some online furniture shops even have a special sections dedicated just to hall furniture. If there is no or room then perhaps some thing needs wall mounted like wall hooks and racks or narrow wall mounted cabinets, I have a wall mounted altar. The entrance hall is probably the most important hallway of all, it colours our entire experience of being in a home.  Our entrance to our home often a hall, is a fractal, a small piece of the whole, that embodies the whole, so it needs careful loving attention.

Our entry hall needs to greet us warmly and lovingly welcome us home. 







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