Journey with crystals.

Journey with crystals.

“Can human beings lose the density of their conditioned mind structures and become like crystals or precious stones, so to speak, transparent to the light of consciousness?”

Shamans of every era and every tradition around the world have worked with crystals, often with clear quarts crystal or its variants such as smokey quarts or amethyst. The Australian aboriginal shamans or the clever-men  had a tradition of working with them even embedding them into there very bodies.  

 ‘All things in this world,’ he said, ‘have souls or spirits. The sky has spirit, the clouds have spirits; the sun and moon have spirits; so have animals, trees, grass, water, stars, everything.’ ~Edward Goodbird

You can shamanic journey to get to know that spirit, that essence of anything even supposedly inanimate objects.  

“Once there is a certain degree of Presence, of still and alert attention in a human beings’ perceptions, they can sense the divine life essence, the one indwelling consciousness or spirit in every creature, every life-form, recognize it as one with their own essence and so love it as themselves.” ~ A New Earth

Shamanism is intrinsically animistic, which means it knows & recognises that every living or inanimate objects have an indwelling spirit of sorts. One could, for instance, enquire and travel to meet a rock crystal to find out about it, to ask about its essence, how to use it, for healing etc

Here’s how one may do this.  

Connecting with the spirit of the mineral kingdom, a Kingdom of oldness and of deep time and of solidified light & the wisdom of the earth. Crystals can be seen as the embodiment of mineral fully realised. 

“Since time immemorial, flowers, crystals, precious stones, and birds have held special significance for the human spirit.” ~ A New Earth

Shamans see quarts as solid light.

Take a crystal you want to communicate with, a good-sized one (bigger than your thumb) is easier, so not to small but any size will do if hat what you have (one you have cleared beforehand, if you know how too or one you at least wash under running water first, or soak in salt water for a while)

I suggest a clear quart, smoky or amethyst is also good if you have one, something that is more or less clear for your first crystal journey. 

You can try others after the initial journey.  

Hold it in your hand or make contact with your hand if a large one. 

Allow the warmth of your hand to penetrate the crystal and with it your energy. 

Get clear on what you may want to ask or learn beforehand.  

Place your self in a quiet & hopefully & create a sacred space in a way you know. I call in the guardians of 4 directions of North South East & West and the 4 elements of Earth Air fire and water, as well as my ancestors and guides. ( only ancestors who lived well, stepped into fully their life purpose & and who died well & resolved with life) 

If you know-how, now go into an altered shamanic state with shamanic drumming or even a shamanic drumming track. (best not with music but rather just a regular (seemingly boring) drumbeat for say 15 minutes.

I can teach you how to do this effectively and simply if shamanism calls to you.  Or just go inward in a meditative state.  If you would like a free drumming track then I would be happy to email you one. 

Once you are settled into either a shamanic state or a meditative state, quieten your mind & leave your body and then image yourself being shrunk down in the journey to a size smaller than the crystal and walk around the crystal. Ask permission of the crystal first & if you get yes go and look for and find a place to enter into the crystal, a crack or an opening of light or a doorway may appear. Enter into the crystal and look around and be aware of what it feels like. Use your other senses too, can you smell anything or hear anything. 

Call upon the *Devic Spirit of the crystal to come forth and begin a conversation, often Spirit may speak in metaphors and symbols rather than English, be aware of the feelings as you communicate. *A Deva refers to an angelic spirit or any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature.

Ask your question of the crystal, and be aware of what arises, which may be words, a dialogue, a feeling symbol.

Thank the crystal ( I often bow ) and leave the way you came in. and return back into your ordinary world.   

I journeyed with one particular crystal many times over and over & to get to know it well, the more time I visited it the more open it became to sharing insights from the mineral Kingdown.   

After you return, jot down some notes in your shamanic journal. Often in altered states, we may forget details soon after we are back in this ordinary plane.     

If you would like to learn to shamanic journey call me, I can mentor you and introduce you to infinite worlds of possibilities. I can do this via skype or video if you do not live near me. Journeying to a crystal is just a beginning. 

Anthony Ashworth Shamanic teacher

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