Its Imbolc a keystone date in the ancient wheel of the year

Its Imbolc a keystone date in the ancient wheel of the year

Its Imbolc : One the keystone dates in the ancient Celtic/British wheel of the year.

Deeply rooted in shamanic traditions. A midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, it falls between the 2nd & 7th of August or February in the northern hemisphere. It’s a celebration of the banishing of the dark and of Winter, with the first stirring of new life in the earth. Nature as the virgin queen returning from the dark underworld, having undergone a journey of self. The very first signs of spring, with buds beginning to open and bulbs breaking the ground and spreading their soft colourful petals toward the sun an invitation for union. I was reminded this morning on my walk, on seeing the many sticks upon the ground, after they had been strong removed by the strong winter winds, they were fledgeling branches that died, not everything makes it through the winter. By removing the dead wood the green branches may flourish and find the light, and the old fall to compost the earth, for new life. The energy of wind the element Air is all about movement and change, those winds helped the trees to let go of those little branches that held no life. What in your life needs to be let go off, what energies, projects, dreams, aspirations or people can you let fall to the earth. How are you stuck, how can you now move forward? I have gatherd some of the sticks and brought them home, these symbols of letting go and movement, Imbolc, also is a fire festival, so I will burn theses stick in a ritual fire, to warm my bones, heat my soul and light the way forward, asking spirit to inspire me on what to let go of, but also what to light up in my life. I will scry the fire and watch the smoke rise in divination to illuminate my path. I’ll be doing Rune divinations for myself and my clients, and suggesting they start to get their homes and themselves ready, for a sessional Space Clearing. By clutter clearing, cleaning and cleansing, from within for themselves and without for there homes.

EMERGING from where we are to where we want to be is not always easy. Transitions can be challenging. Spring and the lead up to it or Autumn are transitional time. They are however ideal times to embrace emergence from the old into the blossoming YOU. Shamanism has ways to birth the new in an authentic fashion.

Transitions in our lives are never easy if you feel to lean into me, I can help like the air & the wind, by Shamanising with you, to let go and move forward, ’tis the session. IF not now then when?


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