Feng Shui in a box : the wing back

The Wing Back armchair is a wonderful metaphor for great Feng Shui & Vastu.

“I call it the Feng Shui in a box chair.”

A little Soulful microcosm of how our whole home should feel.
In a Wing back I feel held, supported, safe, comfortable and nurtured, content to withdraw, rest and rejuvenate and in so doing, energised to step into who I really am & want to achieve in life.

All that from a chair.






But seriously these are some of the key principles of Feng shui, a supported back, to hold the Chi (energy) or prana, known as the Tortoise Mountain or Dark Warrior the unseen warrior who watches your back energetically supporting you and protecting your energy.   With support to each side, ( the arms) being the tiger and the dragon. Whilst this may seem simplistic, employing these principles to how and where you sit to a room or entire house ids serious “From School environmental” Feng Shui. Note the ancient shamanic roots of Feng Shui with the protective energies of the landscape beings seen as and identified as spirit animals. You will not how Chinese astrology is based around 12 aminals as well, much of Feng Shui has its roots in shamanism, I will be blog posting more on this subject.

Anthony can help you employ this and many other easy to implement Feng Shui principles into your home or home design.


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