Entities and dispossessed beings

Entities and dispossessed beings

Entities and dis- possessed beings are real and we can have them attached to our homes or us. 

We can open ourselves up to negative entities when we go into fear and negativity, the psycho-spiritual links between our state of mind & entities can be very strong. We may also get attachemnts of dis-concordant energies when we spend time in negative environments where pain and distress reside, such as courthouses, Hospitals, some old peoples homes & even shopping centres.  We may also pick them up from other people.   

I have many clients who come to me saying they feel that may have a negative entity attached to them. They are often in distress or feel this energy has drained them and sometimes over a very long time. at times this can become completely debilitating to the point of severer physical and mental health issues, but syptims may be much maybe less troublesome also.    

Do trust your instincts & intuitive awareness, that you have something attached or embedded within you, I always acknowledge my client’s awareness of an issue, if it feels like something is wrong, then something IS wrong.  If I beleive it’s all in your head and you should seek mental  health support I’ll tell you.

All ancient cultures acknowledged that negative entities exist, these may be hungry ghosts or offended land spirits or unresolved ancestors   and that they may target us and drain ones life force & energy or even begin to define our perception of the world in not so good ways. 

If you feel you have one I strongly suggest you contact a reputable Shamanic practitioner with experience in this area. We have specific skills & techniques to remove such negative entities & attachments; it’s also possible this can be done remotely by the right shamanic practitioner or shaman. I do remote work. 

However, there are things you can do to help.

It’s difficult to remove your own negative energetic stuff.  However, depending on how intense the attachment is, you could try the following to help loosen the grip considerably.

  • Smudge yourself & your home with white sage or juniper & with a feather or feather fan. A whole packet of quality incense is an alternative. A full Space Clearing f your home is ideal http://anthonyashworth.com/space-clearing/
  • Repeatedly sing a Vedic mantra’s calling upon Ganesh (the remover of obstacles)  “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha,”or petition & call upon the help of a beneficent deity you relate to, such as Arch Angel Michael. 
  • Rub your whole body with lavender & rosemary plant and then scrub yourself with salt and take a shower, see the water as cleansing golden light, and or take a long Epsom salt & sea salt bath, with genuine essential oils, (not fragrant oils) 
  • Have a very hot wood burning sauna/sweat lodge can help loosen the grip. A hot bath with salt and Epsom salt is really useful. Or scrub your body with sea salt and olive oil or my special shamanic cleansing scrub.  http://anthonyashworth.com/sample-page-2-2/shop/
  • Swim in the sea and or natural bodies of water. 
  • Spending time in as pristine as possible nature can help, but the local park will do, hug a tree and let go of the negativity in your life and body.  
  •  Learn to define & strengthen your energetic boundaries, make sure your real life boundaries are good and clear as this will reflect on your energetic boundaries. How good are you at saying “NO THANKYOU” to others, if you’re not so good, then try practicing saying NO!  Actively protect your energy field with a protective visualisation. Such as seeing yourself contained fully by an impenetrable egg of golden or silver light. Say out loud I now protect myself from negative energies and I ask my guides know or unknown to help strengthen this shield.   
  • Do a visualisation where you actively cut all the cords of attachment to this energy 
  •  Try to let go of the fear as this will attract such energies, it’s a real issue once we are afraid we have such entities or attachments, they are strengthened by the fear & the fear attracts more. Avoid horror & overly violent or ghost busting movies and shows, these may contribute to your fear & the mindset it creates can weaken your protective field & attract entities, this is seriously good advice what we consume, we become!
  • Claim your birthright and build an active relationship with your spirit guide, power animal  (yes we all have them even you) they may protect you from negative entities etc.  
  • Ask yourself why you may have brought this negativity into your life and what is it trying to tell you? Spiritual lessons come in all sorts of ways.  

When our homes have good Vastu and Feng Shui and where the four elements are activated and in balance, this crates a good and sound psychic barrier to negative energies.   

What if you can’t get to see me for a shamanic clearing.

Firstly I do remote clearings to any place on the globe both for personal attachments and entities attached to your home. I have especially made and sell a powerful shamanic body salt scrub and bath salts which contain sacred mantra, medicine songs, prayers and over 20 plants and essential plant oils.  http://anthonyashworth.com/sample-page-2-2/shop/

NOTE Shamanic healing is a very effective energetic and spiritual modality, it may also help support other more mainstream alopathic medical methods & approaches. However, it is not a “silver bullet” nor a substitute for the management of all mental health issues. If one is seeing a shaman then one should advise your mental health providers so everyone is in the picture.

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