Dream Catchers

Dream catchers may be beautiful pieces of spiritual art imbued with healing energies.

Originally from the native American tribe Chippewa. These hoops entwined with thin rope or netting into a web or “snare”, were thought to

change the very energy of a room by trapping everything negative within the weaving.

The history behind them is one that is often forgotten, whilst making them ceremony was conducted & they were imbued with magical stories & prophecies weaved into them. They are about Spider & web medicine & catching negative energies where one sleeps. 

One’s made in China from made made materials synthetic, will only ADD more poor energies rather than catch them. You might dream of exploited workers & nylon & synthetic dyes. Not good Feng Shui not good spirit energy sorry! 

dream catcher

Dream catchers should be made with a person’s unique imprint only from natural materials and the express intentions of catching poor energies should be spoken into & woven into them with spirit songs & love. Once hung they should be cleansed by smudging regularly.