Dowsing Presentation Video

Here is a part of my presentation on Dowsing to the AFSC Association of Feng Shui Consultants. Have you ever tried to dowse, with either rods or pendulum?

Dowsing! It’s actually quite rational! Really ??? Yep!   Dowsing taps into our sub-conscious. Our conscious mind may process or juggle around 4 pieces of information at ONE time, however, a very talented and trained musician such as an organist (who uses feet as well as hands) may process 5. Our amazing misunderstood sub-conscious can process up to 4000 pieces of information at one time!!! That’s X 1000! Sometimes labelled intuition, our sub-conscious is however just a part of our intuition, if not an important part. With the right techniques, and right learned attitude we can engage the rational conscious mind to embrace the massively broad and deep informational stream of and from the sub-conscious and drop into receiving and accepting valid dowsing responses!

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