Design & Architecture Services and Home Consultations

Design of your brand new home or alterations and additions for a remodelled beautiful home. Using Vastu-Feng Shui, Zen principles and conscious design along with Eco green principles, along with holistic knowledge.

I am also able to take your existing place, be that a home or unit, owned or rented and offer simple, easily applied, inexpensive or no cost ways, to radically improve the environment and the energy. I can do this either on site in person at your place or via a remote distant consultation, anywhere in Australia or the world, via floor plans, photo’s, google earth etc

Anthony: The drawings that you have done are incredible – I could not in a million years have thought the way you have  🙂

You have such a talent and when I see it all coming together I feel that there is a real insightfulness to your work.

Everyone that has seen the plans has all been impressed with how well it has been put together.

 Once again, THANK YOU: Deanne Rays ~Campbelltown Renovation


  • Eco Resort in the mist designed by Anthony Ashworth

    Eco Resort in the mist

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  • Mangrove Eco Home designed by Anthony Ashworth

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  • New home Balgowlah

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