Crystals for each room in the house

The creation of a home with soul may lead you to want to use beautiful crystals or gemstones in your home.

Clear To White Gem Top Rock Crystal

But you need to be aware  & a little careful with crystals and where you place them in your home they do have an effect on the rooms they are in and every type of crystal has a different energy and different effect on the room and people in it.

The selection of Crystals for each room in the house should be in accordance with the colours of the 5 elements of the Feng Shui Bagua or Vastu mandala. For example

The northeast sector of the home which represents the element water and purity should have clear quartz crystal, whereas the east should have red crystals for the element of fire.

Filling your bedroom with tonnes of different crystals can be overstimulating to many people. Not all crystals are supportive to sleep, some will have the opposite effect.

Avoid too many crystals in the bedroom, as they can be vibrationally high and we need a restful place to sleep and unless you deliberately want more vivid dreams and to open up your psychic self at night then avoid Amethyst. I recent study showed that in bedrooms with a lot of purple people were much more likely to have vivid lucid dreams than in any other coloured bedroom.

If the rooms in the house are not in the right place according to Feng Shui then the crystals need to be in accordance with the use of the room. For example, a bedroom should only have earthy yellows and browns or” quite” love crystals such as Rose quartz. The kitchen irrespective of its placement in the home should have red crystal such as crystal ruby or red jasper, representing the element fire.

According to Vastu Green crystals such as Jade in the north are ideal and yellow/brown in the south & southwest. To bring about movement and change in your life than black such as black tourmaline or Onyx or darkish blue such as Azurite.

When I first started out as Feng Shui consultant many years ago, I naively created my own indoor water fountains from lovely ceramic bowls, with a small pump in bottom and filed with a selection of crystals, They look really beautiful> However  the trouble was when switched on the fountain created such intense subtle energy is was unnerving to say the least, so I soon learned to use some natural river stones and quieter energy crystals and nowhere near as many in one bowl so moderated with a mix of earthy stones as well.

Anthony Ashworth Feng Shui and Vastu expert & teacher

Author of the soon to be published Book “Soul Home.”

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