Creating A Welcoming Home: Advice From Home and Interiors Professionals

Julia Hammond 11/09/2017

As Jane Austen once said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” As with many of Jane’s musings it is eternally true. Everyone is comfortable in their own home and wishes others to feel the same. Here, five home and interiors professionals share their tips for creating a welcoming home.


On first impressions: with Anthony Ashworth 
“First impressions count and are all important in the feeling of a welcome home and not just for your guests, but importantly for you to feel fully welcomed. Create a beautiful, inspirational entry that reminds & inspired you of what life you really want to live. Then critically, use it!

Many of us now drive directly into our dark smelly garage, if so then into a bland hallway, so try going back out through the garage door and in through your now beautiful & inspirational entry! The ancient Chinese referred to this as the ‘Shining golden entryway’.”
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