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About Anthony Ashworth

Anthony Ashworth
Anthony Ashworth

Anthony Ashworth is the world’s leading expert in the application of Vastu and Feng Shui to home design, and business, a qualified interior and building designer with over thirty years in the industry. He has helped hundreds of clients and businesses design, re-imagine and renovate their homes and workplaces.

As a teacher, speaker and lecturer, Anthony has been educating people around principles of space and place for over twenty years, lecturing internationally and within Australia. Anthony has also featured in over twenty articles in the press, including the Sun Herald, Manly Daily, Well Being and Nourish Magazine, on SBS TV and on the radio.

As an expert in the application of wholistic design principles and ancient design templates he is an expert in the applied psychology of space and place, he is also passionate about healthy non-toxic housing, passive solar home design, house dowsing, space clearing, biophilic design and more.  Find out more about Anthony

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