Clutter Clearing vs Space Clearing

Cluttering clearing is the foundation stone to good positive energetics in a home!

When I was speaking to a man today, I asked what the words “Space clearing” brought up for him, he surprisingly said.
It sends a shiver up my spine, it means my wife wants me to throw away all the things I love and that took me years to accumulate”
This is NOT what clutter clearing it is all about. No need to throw out what you love or what is useful and being used. It’s about the excessive the unloved and unused things, it’s about letting go of excess, it’s not about going without or deprivation.
So what is the difference between Space Clearing and clutter clearing?
To be clear Clutter Clearing is not Space Clearing, although clutter clearing, is a great way to begin the process of clearing your home of negativity and allowing the positive to begin to flow.
Space Clearing is not about the physical home as such, but of course, the physical has an effect on the subtle and psychic energies of your home too. Space clearing is removing the UNSEEN but real negative energy or poor spiritual shadows left behind by every negative event that happens in your home, the bad argument, sickness, sadness, anxiety, and depression just to mention a few. Space Clearing removes the old thought forms and bad vibes that sink into the very walls and structure of the home over time. It clears the path for the new, the wonderful and brings forth a fuller experience of life. Not an emptiness of home or heart.

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