Chinese New Year ~ The year of the Dog 2018 

Chinese New Year. The year of the Dog 2018

It’s close to the Lunar new year, which is one giant, fantastic, Space Clearing ceremony, a reboot for your life.
A time to let go, of the old energies and bring forth the new! Proceeding the 16th February, which is the Lunar New Year. Consider carefully what is not serving you in your life and do an actual or symbolic act to let it go!
Space Clear your home of old stale energy before the 16th Feb or ideally at least within a lunar cycle before the 16th of March.
If you can’t manage that at least set an intention and promise to do a clearing as soon as you can manage, the intention will help, but you need to follow through.
Here are few hints on clearing the energies of your home for Lunar New Year.

  • Physically Clean your home and business thoroughly, including basements, garages, porches, attics and storage rooms
  • Psychically clear your Space with Space Clearing and smudging
  • Wash windows, touch-up or paint walls, clean filters, vents and drains
  • Traditionally sweep you home from toward the outside into the centre and gather the dirt and dust up and remove it. Sweeping out the door may sweep out good energy and positive Chi.
  • Clear as much clutter as you can manage at least any clutter near your front door and entry!
  • If you have altars or shines clean and reset them. Re-establish your positive intentions into the altars.
  • Ideally clean out refrigerators and pantries of any food that is, over the used by date or just looking or feeling old
  • Repair anything broken or needing maintenance at the front door/entry to your home and ensure you oil the hinges if it squeaks.
  • Replace the front doormat. Doormats contain last years’ energy, which will find its way into your home.
  • Check your light fittings be sure all the bulbs are in working and to illuminate your view of the world for this new year.
  • Clean every mirror, crystal and glass fixture in your home
  • If you have an altar or meditation area, clean and restate hopes, dreams and intentions
  • Traditionally it’s a great time to reconcile any disputes and debts you may have with friends, colleagues or family members for a fresh start to the year.
  • On a more contemporary note. Clear out your email inbox, tidy up your computer and your phone, delete apps you don’t use, contacts not required, empty your deleted & spam folder etc.
  • I would be delighted to help you start a fresh new year, and establish a great positive energetic base for this year and by performing a either in perosn on-site or remotely anywhere in the world.  Space Clearing ceremony in your home…. read more here 

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