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I was asked today “what is one essential & wise piece of advice that I could suggest to potential DIY home renovators.”

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Tips on how to avoid common interior design mistakes

The best first step when renovating is to get an overview of your dream, by creating a master floor plan design. Drawn up by a good & experienced professional planner, such as a Building Designer or Architect. (someone like me for instance) & very early in the renovating process. You don’t have to employ them for the entire service they may offer, just ask for planning advice! The bird’s-eye perspective of a floor proposed plan can make all the difference to the feel, light, usability, energy efficiency practicality & overall vibe of a home. It helps prevents the home renovator from making big mistakes. Once a master plan is in place. Jobs and small projects can be picked off, one job at a time and without compromising the overall vision.

I am often called in to give advice to clients in their homes and from a design and Vastu-Feng Shui perspective. Sadly I have often had to say. “If only you had called me in before you started”. For instance, having spent a lot of money renovating the existing bathroom or kitchen, its impossible to now justify moving it. Although moving it may have completely lifted the entire home, dramatically by potentially provided much needed Northern natural light, a great view to the garden or being able to add in that re-sale favourite, an ensuite.

This DIY tip is just a little snippet of the sort of practical information, along with soulful & wellbeing information, in our upcoming book. Currently being written by Linda Moon & myself.

 Soul Home Easily : create your Zen & conscious home for wellbeing & success. (working title only) 

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