Whilst I love the look of exposed beams. From a Feng Shui and *Vastu point of view, one needs to be careful of the use of them and

especially, but not limited to bedrooms and over beds.As they can create a sense of dis-ease, and possible problems with what is known as the “Cutting Chi” The energy of a bow wave that comes off the beam itself,  pressing down, say  over your legs can create health issues in the legs, or between you and your partner may create a pushing apart of the couple. These are only as a potentiality not as a given. Some of my clients just do not feel comfortable sitting under a beam. let alone sleeping under one.

I often suggest enclosing the beams over the bed as an optimal solution or at least painting them out to be the same as the ceiling if they are highlighted or timber or installing a hanging fabric canopy can work well.

* Vastu is the traditional ancient Indian form of Feng Shui.

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