Activities to Do When You Are Broke

Activities to Do When You Are Broke

Activities to do when your broke Whether it’s the end of the pay period and you’re running low on cash, or you’ve decided that your middle name is now “Frugal”, it can be hard to keep yourself entertained. Here are eight activities that you can do without thinking about selling a kidney.

Bush Walks, But Better Do you feel disconnected from the world, and you need to take a break from city life? Anthony AshworthVastu Feng Shui man, offers his advice for those who want to go out in nature. “Spirit walks in nature Forest Bathing 100% free. In Australia, we are lucky to have an abundance of bushland near or in our cities, so take yourself into nature on a Spirit Walks, the Japanese call it forest bathing. It’s more than a bush walk, it’s where you go into nature more consciously, you start by announcing yourself and your intention to be in the bush:

“I am Anthony I am here to connect with the spirit of the bush and receive healing” ask permission of the spirit of the forest to be there, then walk very slowly and watch, slow & deepen your breathing down.

Use all your sensors, listen, smell and feel the forest, sit down and do nothing for at last 20 minutes or more in one spot (no talking) then go hug or at least place your hands on the tree and then speak with that tree and see if it has anything to say, you might get quite the surprise? Meditate on a rock & connect your soul with the soul of nature our original mother, get your toes into the soil or into the creek. Being in the forest brings us peace of mind, peace of soul and peace to our overly abused wallets too.”

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