Anthony Ashworth is a renowned world expert having been a practitioner, researcher and teacher of Vastu Shastra- Feng Shui for over 20 years. Anthony offers consultations for your home or business. He is also recognised and recommended by leading Feng Shui consultants as Australia’s top Space Clearer.

An international speaker and teacher he also offers lecturing & workshops in Vastu Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Sacred Place.

” I can release the latent potential of your home or office, to be the very best positive and supportive environment in which you can thrive.   A soul-filled, healthy, harmonious and sacred place.”

“Our homes can be temples of light, powerful vehicles for the manifestation of our deepest dreams, our life purpose and our true destiny, places that holistically support and empower us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually”

“We invest many thousands of dollar$ in rent or 100s of thousands of dollar$ in purchasing a home or running a business. Let me help you get the very best value from your investment by ensuring your environment is fully supporting you, to step into the very best life available to you. I can get rid of all the “bad vibes” and then identify how to maximise the positive energy & instil the most positive vibrations into the home, so you can easily embrace and enjoy all the positive energy your home or place of business can offer”.  


Anthony Ashworth is the world’s leading expert in the application of Vastu and Feng Shui to home design, and a qualified interior and building designer with over thirty years in the industry. He has helped hundreds of clients and businesses design, re-imagine and renovate their homes and workplaces.

At the age of thirty-three (twenty years ago), he experienced a spiritual awakening which led to an awareness of subtle energies and their potential to impact our environments. Ever since, he has been on a quest to understand and accumulate knowledge about the archetypal and core needs of humanity around space and place. Bringing the spiritual and esoteric to architecture and design, his passion is helping people manipulate their own spaces to create soulful, healthy, harmonious, positive and supportive environments in which they can thrive.

As a teacher, speaker and lecturer, Anthony has been educating people around principles space and place for over twenty years, lecturing internationally and within Australia. He has taught at the Sydney School of Feng Shui, Wollongong Interior Design School and UTS (University of Technology Sydney) where he designed & taught the course Eastern Spaces: The Cosmology of Asian Design Principles for over four consecutive years.  He has provided professional development courses and weekend retreats on Vastu, Feng Shui and the Zen of design to registered architects.

A regularly featured presenter at the National Feng Shui conference in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Anthony has also provided lectures and workshops to groups including the Dowsers Society of Australia, the Theosophical Society Sydney, yoga groups and wellness retreat centres. He has been a speaker at the Sydney Home Show as well the Sydney Mind Body Spirit show and other wholistic themed shows.

Anthony has also featured in over twenty articles in the press, including the Sun Herald, Manly Daily, WellBeing and Nourish Magazine, on SBS TV and on the radio.

Being an immigrant to Australia (Anthony was born in Northern Rhodesia – now called Zambia, but is of British descent), has influenced his search for a better understanding of the influence of place on wellbeing. His passion has led him to study temples, temple complexes, sacred places and buildings in over thirty countries around the world with an emphasis on, but far from limited to Asia.

As an expert in the application of wholistic design principles and ancient design templates (such as Zen, Vastu and Feng Shui and African Geomancy), he brings the best that both eastern and modern western traditions have to offer to interior design, architecture and how we live in our homes. An expert in the applied psychology of space and place, he is also passionate about healthy non-toxic housing, passive solar home design, house dowsing, space clearing, biophilic design and more.

Anthony is a qualified Vastu Feng Shui & Zen practitioner, professional space clearer.  He currently works as a private consultant from his home in the Southern Highlands, NSW offering his services locally, nationally and internationally

What others say about Anthony

Below are just a few examples of testimonials of the many very happy and sometimes astonished clients.

“I’ve worked with Anthony for a number of years. Whenever I am considering a property purchase or a major renovation, I always include Anthony as part of my due diligence process. Whilst some people don’t give Feng Shui a second thought or believe in it, I find that getting Anthony’s advice definitely helps in making these ventures into property a real success. For the cost, I think investing in a consultation well and truly pays for itself, both on a practical day to day usage point of view as well as holding property assets for the long term.”


Brendan Torazzi
0405 176 778

* “Anthony is a house whisperer he knows the secret of how to communicate with houses & the energies they contain.” Sally  


The drawings that you have done are incredible – I could not in a million years have thought the way you have  🙂

You have such a talent and when I see it all coming together I feel that there is a real insightfulness to your work.

Everyone that has seen the plans have all been impressed with how well it has been put together.

Once again, THANK YOU : Deanne Rays Campbelltown Renovation

* “Anthony was amazing, a whirlwind improving our home, we saw & felt an almost immediate positive change. I now really love my home for the first time in 20 years of living here ” Margaret.

* “Thank you, Anthony, for turning my house into “our home” this week with your intensive Vastu/Feng Shui makeover. My family is thriving and connecting in such new and beautiful ways, more friends are walking through the door to share the natural beauty here, and I’m so delighted and grateful to you and your gifts. Deepest thanks from all of us. “You are a genius”   Julia  (life coach).

 * “I am getting radically good results from the work you did! I have lived in a Feng Shui environment for years so was not anticipating such drastic and awesome improvements as have occurred since my consult with you.” Jean (professional astrologer).

 * “I must say I don’t think a day has gone by that I don’t thank you for what you have done for us.  I feel it has made a difference and sometimes just the act of a few simple gestures can propel one to greater things. I feel very blessed for meeting you.”  Michelle.

I found Anthony on the web and discovered he was on the other side of the country from me. I am in Western Australia. But I wanted an architect who knew about Feng Shui and the environment and he had both qualities He said he could work with me in redesigning our home via e-mail as long as I could provide photographs and compass bearings, etc. I was sceptical and a little wary in case I was throwing my money away.

Well, I have to say that he has been absolutely brilliant. Over the last three years we have completely rebuilt our home and by following his advice we now have a wonderful home that is both spiritually and environmentally aligned with our values. He suggested so many subtle inclusions that no-one else even thought of. It is beyond my dreams. Thank you, Anthony.

Rachel Green

 * It’s been so much fun changing things for the better and then watching my life change right in front of my eyes. Mum was also really impressed and interested in everything you said as well. Thanks, Anthony….. its so obvious that you know your stuff and that you love it!! Penny.

My home has up for sale for 12 long months! Anthony did a remote Space Clearing, the next day the Real Estate Agent said  “all the negative feeling have gone” and amazingly the house was sold within 4 days ! Thank you, Anthony, I am so grateful! ” Jennifer Business coach