Shamanism is the world’s oldest profession

Good medicine for our times! — contrary to popular belief — shamanism is the world’s oldest profession:

Good medicine for our times! — contrary to popular belief —shamanism is the world’s oldest profession: “Shamanism” as we know it today, is an amalgam of the world’s oldest spiritual & healing professions with deep roots that range well beyond our historical stereotypes of witch doctors, wild men/women. Among other things, shamans were the first doctors, performing artists, musicians, storytellers, teachers, priests, psychologists, life coaches and magicians. They performed critical functions in their societies and helped society & it’s individuals maintain balanced physical, mental & spiritual health.

The Shaman is the intermediary between the conscious ‘real” plane we live in and the spirit realms, they are able to travel between the veils of existence, on behalf of the community. Shamanisms core difference from other healing modalities is that it acknowledges that all dis-ease and imbalance in a person’s life or even in an environment is initially rooted in a spiritual dis-ease or spiritual cause. This may manifest as physical, emotional psychological and spiritual issues, but is always related back to an initial spiritual imbalance, either via an unwanted energy or energies, or missing energies. Missing energies such a soul loss  or missing connection with one’s spirit guide or power animal
Shamanism is again on the rise because we need it NOW more than ever, in our current world and our modern state of profound disconnection.

Contact me if you are interested in exploring these realms and enriching your life, your healing and our spiritual journey.

Anthony Ashworth 

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