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Anthony Ashworth

How Can I be of Service?

Free 30 min Consultation

Hello. My name is Anthony Ashworth and I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Vastu- Feng Shui and Space Clearing Expert. I look forward to connecting to see how I might be of service to you. I offer a free half-an-hour consultation to see how I might be able to help with

Space Clearing

Freshen -up your home

Space Clearing Remove those old, stale & negative vibrations from your space. For a fresh positive and supporting environment   On-site in your home or business or remote anywhere in the world   Space Clearing & blessings of land, homes, and businesses Space Clearing is a process that removes all the “bad vibes” and

Vastu Feng Shui Consultant

Vastu Feng-Shui

Ancient knowledge applied

What is Vastu ? Anthony is a Vastu expert. I can help you bring your dream home to life by designing one with you, or remodelling your home, or simply getting the best out of your existing home by Vastu adjustments and cures. I am a university qualified Interior designer

Shamanic Healing

Feed your Soul

Anthony Ashworth is an experienced Shamanic Practitioner who offers a range of Shamanic Healing services including energetic cleansing, soul retrieval. power animal spirit guide retrieval and establishment, curse removal and ancestral healing. “I just want to say, my soul retrieval is the most beautiful gift that a human being could

Featured Shamanic Services

Shamanic Counselling

Shamanic counseling is all about having YOU, the client, connecting with your own innate power. Power, as in one’s own personal centeredness, Centeredness is that or those qualities that can never be taken away from one, no matter what life serves up It is a process of empowerment through guided

Your Spirit guide ~ Power Animal Retrieval

Have you ever felt a subtle nudge to get in contact with your spirit guide! A power animal spirit guide. Once you have connected with yours it can potentially bring you much-needed energy, clarity, em-power-ment & spiritual connection. I can guide you with an ancient yet easy & straightforward &

Soul Retrieval

“I’ve been soul searching for ages ” “I feel my life is fractured” “I feel like I’m cursed” “Something is missing in my life that stops me from excelling” Anthony is one of a small handful of shamanic practitioners in Australia who is experienced in and does soul retrievals. Before

Entity Removal

“Entities and dis-possessed beings are real and we can have them attached to us or our homes.”

Geopathic Stress

Realigning Earth Energies

Geopathic stress Geopathic stress What Is Geopathic stress and how can it be rectified ? Potentially negative & toxic earth energies in, under or within your home or land that may affect your health Geopathic stress is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and becomes distorted to weak electromagnetic fields,

Spirit Walks

Get in-touch with Nature's Soul

S p i r i t   W a l k s In the beautiful Southern Highlands just 1.5 hours from Sydney (or at your location) Shamanic Spirit Walks with Anthony  ~ Connect deeply to country & connect deeply to self ~ What would the world look like if everyone was

Vastu Feng Shui Consultant

Vastu Feng-Shui

Ancient Art Modern Application

What is Vastu ? Anthony is a Vastu expert. I can help you bring your dream home to life by designing one with you, or remodelling your home, or simply getting the best out of your existing home by Vastu adjustments and cures. I am a university qualified Interior designer

Energetic Cleansing & Healing

Soul Food

TAKI SAMI (((PULSING SOUND))) Energy purification ceremony Benefits Heal physical ailments Remove energetic blockages & alignments Heal leaks & in your energy system Re-gain your energy for life Mental and psychic healing Kickstart your creativity Reboot your life, with a new fresh start Increased psychic protection Taki Sami (a Kichwa


Being in Nature is an antidote for our time. I was recently interviewed for a podcast called “Union” by Vanessa Jane on what I thought of the current crisis around the masculine and how men are affected by the likes of the #me2 phenomenon and the crisis men might beRead More →

Fire in the Bush fire in our hearts My thoughts on Australia, on Australia day. As the bush burns and the country is on fire. The Australian bush harbors a monster, not a troll, nor a goblin not the feared Yowie, not the Bunyip. This giant demon sits just below the ground,Read More →

Our bodies have a bioelectric field, just as the earth does and this field offers energetic protection and also holds information, this is one aspect we tap into with shamanic healing & sound healing, sound can interface with and effect the electromagnetics of the body and energy body but itRead More →

Dream catchers may be beautiful pieces of spiritual art imbued with healing energies. Originally from the native American tribe Chippewa. These hoops entwined with thin rope or netting into a web or “snare”, were thought to change the very energy of a room by trapping everything negative within the weaving.Read More →

What are you going to harvest what can you let go of? Autumn ~ autumnus Traditionally know as Harvest. What have you harvested from your planting in spring & growth over the summer months?. For those in the northern part of the globe, it is the transition from winter into spring. TransitionsRead More →

*Ayurveda has excelent descriptive language to describe the energy within our body system.  Vastu like Ayurveda recognizes these five elements as the core subtle energies that make up the universe and consequently our bodies and our homes. *Ayurveda is an ancient medical tradition from India. The term is derived from the Sanskrit ayur,Read More →