Wind & Air movement & change. “Whispers from Spirit”

Wind & Air movement & change. “Whispers from Spirit”

I’ve been contemplating the spirit of wind, the winds of change, the winds of time. The four winds of the directions. How the element of air is so strongly associated with change and movement and the voice of spirit itself.

The wind the air carries subtle messages upon it & may signal that Spirit has something to say, it may whisper messages to us, only if we have ears to hear.

We can see the other 3 elements, we can see water, we see fire and earth,  but we can really only ever feel the wind, and hear it move other.  An element of feelings, less rational, less material, air and wind is closer to the unknown, yet here. 

We see how it moves the world around us. The grass & the trees sways, leaves rustles, the water waves, the fire in blown and moved. Air and wind can be subtle and gentle or is ferocious & blustering making itself a dominant and sometimes destructive force of nature. 

Air moves the other elements, it waves the water, fans the fire, blows the earth and dust and erodes hard rocks.

Air is associated with the mind, and with the intellect, the wind is rarely still. Nor the mind, it is constantly moving. 

The wind the element of air is life as it is of our breath, relentless in & out. “So Hum” (I am)  the sound of the breath. Breath without which we stop, carrying life upon its back, no breath, no life, no air, no life for us. 

People who are air signs in astrology, their nature is communicative, idealistic and mental. 

We can learn to be in greater connection the air and wind, by spending time outdoors being aware of gentle breezes and gusts of wind. On very windy days I go out to a high & open place and have a wind bath, the wind blows me and my aura clean. You can also learn about how the air moves by watching the smoke of incense or smudge as it curls and moves. Move yourself into a contemplative space, soften your gaze and ask that air show you its nature, stay with this exercise for at least 10minutes or more, after a while, close your eyes and contemplate how air affects your life and ask air what it may have to tell you.

Two things only are certain in life… Death & change.

The wind brings with it certainty, the certainty of change.  


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