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Quite a few new Blog Posts so far for  2018 check them out http://www.anthonyashworth.com/cgi-bin/blog

My book is underway coming along well.

I am in collaboration with the esteemed journalist Linda Moon, who I have collaborated with on quite a few articles. The working title is : 

Zen Home ~ Conscious home

How to have your support your life, for less stress and greater happiness.    


One day Vastu Feng Shui course:  5th May Deniliquin NSW early bird price $185  email me for more details.  


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Free half hour phone or skype session/consultation with no obligation to proceed.  

For all my various offering,including

Vastu, Space Clearing,  Shamanic Healing, Zen home - Conscious home    

consultation  Just email or call me to set up a time.   







Working with Nature Spirits to re-enchant our earth and ourselves.  

A FUN yet deeply connecting workshop with Kevin Parker, Anthony Ashworth & the original teachers of this Land.  

Kevin & I successfully ran our this course in 2015 and we are now in the process of setting dates for 2018. If your interested please drop us a line or give me a call.  

see this link to Kevin's page as well.  http://www.kevinparker.com.au/working_with_nature_spirits.html