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New Blog Post  12th Nov 2107

An encounter with a Storm Deva

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Dowsing to support Feng Shui Blog post 

*This article appeared in the AFSC Association of Feng Shui Consutants news letter Nov 2107



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Nurturing your own spirit & self with Nature medicine.

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Contribution to an article

On "Creating a welcoming home"

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Article A 1st August 2017 8 Activities That Won't Break The Bank

I wrote a contribution to this article regarding Spirit walks to this article just published so go have a look at the link 8 Activities You Can Do When You’re Broke : Bush Walks, But Better
Do you feel disconnected from the world, and you need to take a break from city life? Anthony Ashworth, Vastu Feng Shui man, offers his advice for those who want to go out in nature. “Spirit walks in nature Forest Bathing 100% free. In Australia, we are lucky to have an abundance of bushland near or in our cities, so take yourself into nature on a Spirit Walks, the Japanese call it forest bathing. It’s more than a bush walk, it’s where you go into nature more consciously, you start by announcing yourself and your intention to be in the bush ie : "I am Anthony I am here to connect with the spirit of the bush and receive healing" ask permission of the spirit of the forest to be there, then walk very slowly and watch, slow & deepen your breathing down. Use all your sensors, listen, smell and feel the forest, sit down and do nothing for at last 20 minutes or more in one spot (no talking) then go hug or at least place your hands on the tree and then speak with that tree and see if it has anything to say, you might get quite the surprise? Meditate on a rock & connect your soul with the soul of nature our original m other get your toes into the soil or into the creek. Being in the forest brings us peace of mind, peace of soul and peace to our overly abused wallets too.” Find out more about Anthony Ashworth by following him on Facebook and Instagram.
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8 Activities That Won't Break The Bank

If you're feeling a little low on cash but you want to keep yourself busy, here are eight ways you can have some serious fun, without spending a cent.



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How To Design A Space For Perfect Work-Life Balance see link bellow Article link

How To Design A Space For Perfect Work-Life Balance  Article link design-space-for-work-life-balance


Dowsing workshop in Sydney now complete : Up coming Melbourne to be scheduled soon 

Dowsing for Feng Shui Practitoners August  2017 with Anthony Ashworth 

This is an  Advanced course designed specifically for Feng Shui practitioners, it will suite those who already dowse & those who wish to learn. The course will be extensive and intensive.  I have found that despite many Feng Shui practitioners having been taught rudimentary dowsing, they are not confident enough to  apply it at a professional level for there clients. This course will take the practice of dowsing seriously, as a modality in itself as well as a powerful and informative adjunct to a Feng Shui practice. Whilst it certainly will address Geopathic stress, it will be much more than this, addressing all the other energies a home is subject to, such as psychic energies & the plethora the other environmental energies a home or business is subject too and importantly methodologies that not only identify these energies but how to rectify and transform them. Participants will learn how to really use and trust the pendulum, as well as dowsing rods, bobbers etc and how to work deeply with dowsing charts and other dowsing equipment.


Recently published articles "on me" smile

Septemebr 2106 SBS magazine  

Why Vastu and Feng Shui are influencing the Australian property industry

Vastu is an ancient “Indian poetic art and science of crafting an energetically balanced home for and of the soul,” says Anthony Ashworth, a Sydney-based Vastu consultant. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Vastu mandala (the indwelling spirit of the home itself) are important elements to consider in Vastu, he says.

link to article here http://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/culture/article/2016/09/12/why-vastu-and-feng-shui-are-influencing-australian-property-industry


AUGUST 2016 Australian Natural health Magazine.  

COOL CALM & ZEN Interior Tips to create a conscious home.

I have been featured in this months issue of Australian Natural Health Magazine available online or in newsagents. Such a rich and well done 4 full page article written by Linda Moon

An extract from the article

Incorporate Zen design
"Modern homes are generally far too masculine

and have a lot of fire/yang energy that creates stress and anxiety,"

says Anthony Ashworth, a consultant in Zen-inspired interior design and Feng Shui.

"Think of your home as more like a bowl than a box; as a place of ease and rest, and being, not doing."

Anthony's wisdom in this article really brings such a nurturing, even feminine feeling to the way we look at and decorate our homes. It shows the depth of Anthony's understanding of the places where we spend so much of our lives and how all of our experiences can be supported by them if we approach our living spaces with awareness

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A whole new page on Space Clearing has been added click link here Space Clearing & see the Spce Clearing article that follows on from this page.  Space Clearing Article






What is Geopathic stress, can it be rectified  ? 

Most disease and ill health can be traced back to Geopathic stress as a contibuting factor.    

Potentially negative & toxic earth energies in within your home or land that may affect your health 

What is Geopathic Stress? Geopathic stress is the name given to natural or manmade energies emanating from the earth which are detrimental to human health. In simpler terms this is negative vibrations rising up through the earth causing electromagnetic fields which can come from subterranean running water, mineral concentrations, fault lines, caverns, ley lines, spirit tracks etc

Some of the signs of where geopathic stress may occur in your home or land include: The over presence of ants, termites, bees, wasps or beetles. Contorted trees with twisted boughs and cancerous growths, Fruit trees that bloom but do not bear fruit, Cracked, crumbling, damp walls in buildings. Places where plants or grass do not grow well compared to the rest of the garden. Beds where young children refuse to sleep or have night terrors.

How can geopathic stress affect you?

Geopathic stress may contribute to unpleasant symptoms that affect behaviour, well being and happiness such as: sleep problems, disharmony, conflict, irritability, depression, and confusion

Geopathic stress has been associated with contributing to health problems such as: Lower ones immunity and or chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, Cancer in many forms, brain tumours, arthritis, miscarriage, infertility in men and women

How do you  find remove & fix & transmate Geopathic stress? By Dowsing  the age-old art and craft of using dowsing rods and pendulums.rectifications are carried out via various processess including Lithopuncture & specific transmutation methods 


“ After 30 years of livving here & completely disliking this house, I now really love my home. Thank you Anthony Margaret

Working with Nature Spirits to re-enchant our earth and ourselfs.  

A FUN yet deeply connecting workshop with Kevin Parker, Anthony Ashworth & the original teachers of this Land.  

Kevin & I successfully ran our this course in 2015 and we are now in the process of setting dates for 2017. If your interested please drop us a line or give me a call.  

see this link to Kevins page as well .  http://www.kevinparker.com.au/working_with_nature_spirits.html