Spirit Walks

Spirit Walks

In the beautiful Southern Highlands just 1.5 hours from Sydney.

Spirit Walks with Anthony  

~ Connect deeply to country & connect deeply to self ~

What would the world look like if everyone was deeply in touch with Nature & their own true inner nature? What if you knew how to connect with other beings that are hundreds of years old & have been on this planet for millions of years before mankind. What if you could actually hear the wisdom they could offer you about your life. Take a big next step back into you & into knowing the nature of life itself.

Your soul deserves to be taken on a spirit walk

Spirit walks take you consciously into nature to deeply connect with country and for re-connection to self 

I take people on Spirit Walks: into the pristine forests and hidden waterfalls of the Southern Highlands (near Bowral), only an hour & a half from Sydney.

Well you may know about spirit orbs and how they show up in photos, check out this beauty, the very Deva orb of the forest made herself known ! I took a couple of amazing women on a half day #spiritwalk yesterday. We felt deeply into the very heart of the spirit of place. I took them to a number of power spots where dreaming tracks (Ley lines) underlie some of the most beautiful lush places one would ever experience, deep rainforest, & secret waterfalls.

Spirit Walk connects us with nature in a deep & authentic way, and so reconnects us back with ourselfs. So much more than a bush walk, a deep eco-ecology shamanic experiance to bring connection, joy & healing when needed and in the presence of Nature and with her spirit. We do shamanic processes exercises to open up to the energies of country.


Spirit Walk full half day approx 4 hours +:  Includes morning or afternoon tea & all local transport.

$80 per person  half day in a group of 4 or more.

$ 110  per person (minium 2 people) 

$180 for individual half day

Spirit Walk extended to an entire full day  experiance, a full day takes us deeper within ourselves and much deeper into even more pristine nature with more time to do further shamanic experiances.  

$120 per person. (minimum 4 people) full day
$180 per person (minium two) 

$300 for an individual full day 

Full two day & overnight camping Shamanic Spirit Walk with healing quest is available. Please contact me for details. 

Spirit Walks can also be arranged by appointment in Sydney or in your locality. Contact me for details

Spirit Walks incorporate knowledge gained from Shamans & traditions from around the globe including Australia. In a safe,easily accessible, fun, yet deeply sacred way. Call me if you are interested Ph 0402 268 508 or email me a.ashworth@rocketmail.com  To book your place or for more information.                                                            

Gift vouchers available Give the gift of a lifetime, the gift of connection.


“Spirit Walking in the bush of the Southern Highlands with Anthony Ashworth is a unique experience.  I walked with Anthony in March 2017 for an afternoon viewing of the waterfalls around the Robertson area.  We walked and experienced two different falls both of which had remarkable presence and energy.  During the whole journey, Anthony provided so much information on the surrounding area, the individual plant and tree species along with his guided explorations of the knowings from our original owners. A truely extraordinary experience.  So much information to process.  Anthony has a great understanding of the ever present energy and energetic beings in each of the areas in and around the falls and he allowed time for me to experience and see the nature of the presence.  When I was unsure he had sensible suggestions about how to see and feel.

I will be returning to explore and experience further a striking energy around a forest of trees we discovered on the day.  I am looking forward to talking with this forest.

I can recommend such a journey with Anthony.  You will come away with new understandings. Bronwyn Griffiths

So grateful to have received the unforgettable experience of a Spirit Walk. Looking forward to my next one. If anyone wants to do a group walk and needs an extra please PM or ask Anthony to get in touch with me. Julie.

The term ‘Mother Earth’ is often used, yet in our every day lives we do no The term ‘Mother Earth’ is often used, yet in our every day lives we do not connect to her as a Mother, a friend, a teacher, a healer! By experience the great gift of walking with a Shaman such as Anthony in the pristine Southern Highlands (as I have done), the possibility of truly experiencing her as all of these can become a daily experience. This gift is joyful and priceless.   Christine Core (Founder of ‘The Foundation of Cosmic Fire incorporating Angelic Reiki, New Shamballa and The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation).www.angelicreikimagic.com

I highly recommend taking time out of your busy schedule to attend a spirit walk with the amazing Anthony Ashworth. His connection with the environment and the spirits within trees, waterfalls, rocks and plants makes the time spent wandering around nature extra special. The profound experience I had accessing an area behind a waterfall was exceptionally sacred and one I will never forget. Thanks Anthony for sharing your energy and knowledge.

Kind regards
Carolyn McCallum
Feng Shui Harmony