Vision Quest ~ connect with nature deeply & connect with life & yourself & your soul.


Your   Shamanic Vision Quest


Shamanic Vision Quest is a powerful personal growth and spiritual peak experience. A Quest into the self and into the nature of self whilst being held nature.  A three day solo experience, traditionally a rite of passage, it is a potent tuning point in peoples lives.

The experience of sitting in contemplative communion with Nature brings about profound clarity in times of transition and change or brings forth change when you may feel stuck or wanting more from life. It can bring genuine authenticity and understanding of who we truly are, and what it is we are supposed to be doing with our life.

It shines a bright light on your life purpose. It is a deeply personal journey into the nature of self and one’s connection to everything outside of oneself.


The Quest allows our whole emotional, psychological & spiritual serves to reset. Somewhat like a computer reboot, “turn it off and then turn it back on”where all the integrated systems come back into alignment.

We may feel drawn to quest to seek release from living in our heads or being overwhelmed by the routine of life, to deepen our connection to life or find release from deep pain.

We find acceptance in nature and we find acceptance of ourselves, we may go to heal to, to grieve, to find purpose. Nature when engaged purposefully provides rich gems of wisdom and she is the only truly original muse the source of genuine creativity.

It is time out for you, for a few days and alone with self. You will be Guided and held by experienced shamanic and psychotherapy counsellors, held in safety and with the wisdom of nature.

We are offering the opportunity for you to experience this once in a lifetime experience of the Vision Quest experience in a beautiful 4000 acres private property, White Owl retreat on Wetherby Station, in the ranges adjacent the Daintree Rain Forest in Far Northern Queensland. The Quest includes two days and two nights fully immersive lead-up preparation, in comfortable camping and including shamanic tuition a shamanic cleansing and initiation, with shamanic drumming and journey to meet your spirit guide for the quest, guided spirt walksinto the forest to learn how to deeply commune with th spirt of country, alone with talking circles of group empowerment as well as individual tuition.

Following your solo nature Quest starting on day three for three days there will be feasting and celebration. After you come back  in from Quest we will have celebration feasting. grounding re-integration processes with & then mentorship with follow up support in the weeks following.

Advance Air fares can be purchased for as little as $100 each way from Sydney and $120 from Melbourne.

Numbers are strictly limited, to 10 participating souls only,  Drop us a line, or call if you would like to hear more about this transformation opportunity & be included in a free up coming webinar.

Drop me a line if you would like to hear more about this transformation opportunity & be included in a free webinar.