Your Spirit guide ~ Power Animal Retrieval

Have you ever felt a subtle nudge to get in contact with your spirit guide! A power animal spirit guide. Once you have connected with yours it can potentially bring you much-needed energy, clarity, em-power-ment & spiritual connection. I can guide you with an ancient yet easy & straightforward & method to meet yours and show you how to build a beautiful lifelong connection. In the process of learning to communicate with your guide, you will also learn powerful core shamanic techniques, that can to be applied to your life for success and happiness and deepening connection to your own spirituality.   

Power animals are an essential component of shamanic practice. They are the helping spirits, acting similarly to a guardian angel, but with whom we can directly contact and communicate with. They keep us safe in the other realms but also aid in psychic protection. If you would like to find out what and who your power animal is, contact me and I can guide you on how to connect and importantly communicate with them.

“Thank you so much, Anthony. Since you showed me how to make  contact with & communicate with my spirit guide, I have greater clarity on what I need to do, and when”  It been wonderful to have your considerable experience and support to guide me in this”  Jane 

“Learning to shamanic journey has had a really unexpected gift,  I am totally out of pain from a long-term chronic condition when I am journeying, I am journeying twice a day.  I find  it  much easier, more immediate and deeper than meditation” Kaari

A power animal guide is different to a totem, a totem animal may be assigned to you or it may be an animal you have met in the wild or one you feel very connected with. Sometime a totem may also your power animal spirit guide. In most cases, you need to actively seek out your guides in order to make contact.

A Power Animal (personal guide) retrieval is a shamanic method used to connect us to helping spirits that show themselves in the form of an animal. These helping spirits can provide us, our family, our community and even an organization or country with power, protection and support.

Your very own ancestors in the not so distant past lived a shamanic life and believed in shamanic practices such as these, as a deep source of nourishment to body and soul.

“Transformed beings” – half humans half animals can be found in prehistoric cave arts and are evidence for an altered state of consciousness. Such paintings are found in caves in south and north America , Europe, Asia and Australia.

We use the simple beat of the shamanic drum to enter into the Shamanic Realms of Healing.  You will return with a new and deep understanding of yourself and your life and how to apply this to your life. No drugs or ethnobotanical plants are used or required

A power animal retrieval can help restore personal, family, community, and organizational power. In shamanic cultures, it is considered to be more healthy and beneficial to live a life with deep connections to our power animals. Power animals are one of many potential helping spirits that we enter into spiritual relationships with.

If you experience frequent accidents, your family is in a funk, your community has a string of bad luck or your organization seems to be losing its ability to move forward in a positive and creative direction – these can all be situations improved by a power animal retrieval.

From a shamanic perspective, one of the four primary causes of illness is considered to be a loss of power. A power animal is typically one of the first spiritual relationships a shamanic practitioner will restore, restoring lost power.

As humans, and particularly in modern culture, it is common for people to lose power, give away their power and have power stolen. When we talk about power here we mean the ability to define yourself or having the energy to create. Without power, we have a hard time accomplishing anything – even the day to day tasks of caring for ourselves – let alone defining who we are.

There are many ways to restore power and a power animal retrieval is one of them. Through a power animal retrieval, you request a shamanic practitioner to enter the spirit worlds and retrieve a power animal on your behalf.

You may also try connecting to a power animal on your own by spending time in nature and seeing who shows up, asking for a power animal to appear in a dream or through visualization and shamanic journey methods. I can teach you these if you wish.

Usually, we have more than one power animal in our lifetime. Some show up for shorter time periods and specific teachings while others stick around for our entire life.

Once you have received a power animal retrieval and connected to a power animal find a unique way to engage its energy. Spend time in nature with the power animal, put a picture of it in your home or office somewhere and try eating foods it likes.

You may notice subtle changes in how you feel or where your attention is drawn to? Are any of your senses heightened? Do you feel more powerful, protected and supported?” Extract from an article by

A power animal retrieval can be conducted in person or on your behalf long distance or via Skype or face time.


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