Newsletter Dec 2018

News Letter Decembe​r 2018 “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”

 The 2018 calendar year proved to be this for me, it was in the Chinese zodiac the year of Dog 

As the year comes to an end I briefly reflect on what an amazing year it’s been, a year of personal transformation, which essentially means “a marked change in form, nature, or appearance of my life.” Well this was true for me and as it was for many of my clients who came to me for help to passage difficult times or challenging energies and to bring forth new visions of who they wanted to be and how there soul & soul homes could support them. 

The big challenges & intense personal growth was not easy nor always pleasant  But  …. It’s been the making of me and the making of me as a healer and shaman.

Whilst this was an extremely difficult at times, bringing to the surface deep shadows & old core wounds that needed to it healed, soul loss was seen & the dark journey has also brought forth gifts of strength, forbearance, tolerance, patience and a depth of knowing my own soul and a knowing of my very being, I have never known.  

I am currently writing an article where I am delving intoSuffering. Is spiritual suffering necessary for deep growth? In the article I link firstly discomfort & then deep suffering & pain and deep emotional pain to psychic pain, & how severe intense psychic pain can rewire our neural network or our consciousness and potentially lead to unity consciousness …..  If we are able surrender to and swim within the pain? Keep an eye on my blog posts for this coming soon

I’d really appreciate it if you would take the time to have a look at my new website & follow my blog and sign up for updates; I assure you there will be plenty of good & soulful content in 2019. I will be writing more about shamanism and the “journey of the soul” and how your soul is calling out for you to hear it sing its unique soul song.  

Whilst talking about writing, my upcoming book Soul Home which addresses how our homes can more fully support our life journey in all aspects and being written with Journalist Linda Moon is still in progress. But coming along well. We came really close to getting a publisher.   We have decided to move the book a little sideways, take some of concepts deeper & make it, even more Soul oriented.

I have been busier on social media with Instagram and FaceBook etc this year and I’m now commencing gifting more free content with hints and tips on Vastu, Space Clearing, Soul Home and Shamanism.

Connect on Face Book  

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Connect on Face Book  

Instagram a.ashworth999

Twitter @housewhisper99


This year and even more so next year I have been offering Shamanic healing, shamanic mentoring etc and the placing ever more importance on “The journey of the Soul” singing our soul back home and how this can help us step into our very best authentic life. I am bringing together the importance of ones home in our soul journey Along with recognising the impacts of NDS Nature Deprivation Syndrome and how Shamanism may bring us back home and back into relationship with and into deep contact to our soul.

Here is just a glimpse of some of the testimonials I have recently received 

“I just want to say my soul retrieval is the most beautiful gift that a human being could ever wish for or need. It is more beautiful than I ever imagined. “

“Soul Retrieval is the key to wholeness and healing. I am ever so grateful and highly recommend Anthony.”

“I can see the potential to an amazing relationship, journey and life I have never been happier as I am now. I could tell you a lot more about my experiences but it would take pages. Soul Retrieval is the key to wholeness and healing. I am ever so grateful and highly recommend Anthony.”

Recent statistics tell that in the USA counselling & therapy with psychological approach is on the decline for the first time in a long time. However counselling which is genuinely wholistic and in part spiritually based is now what people are now looking for and on the rise.  In short counselling that includes the “Singing of the soul back home.” 

Here below is a copy of my latest blog post in the Shamans Blog and inspired by a quote by the mystic Rumi.

The mystic Rumi reminds us that ~

We were given Nature ~ the trees the rivers the stones, the earth beneath our soles.

We were not given building & concrete & continual noise. Most of our homes do NOT support us to thrive nor support our TRUE nature. These strange unnatural environments we have created poison the blood & the spirit. We used to go to sleep at dark & wake at dawn. No wonder we have trouble finding our light. It takes 25 thousand years to adapt to an environment, we created ours only 6000 years ago and continue to change it right up until now & beyond and at frightening speed! We just have not had the time to catch up. Our psyches & our distressed souls are crying out for us to slow down this process. Take a breath, look around.

So few of us now live well & die well. Our shamanic societies lived in what we were “given” to support us & we grew into who we are & thrived & over many millions of years. How may we become what we are meant to be when our created built environment is so very foreign. Our recent ancestors in shamanic based societies lived in what we were “given” to support us we grew into this environment & thrived for many millions of years. Taste what your ancestors knew, step into their world, their shoes, for they knew much about being balanced centred connected & content.

Give peace a chance

Here is Extract for a recent magazine interview 
In this busy session when we need to rechagre our batteries 
Ashworth recommends dedicating a small space as a “peace” zone to retreat to when life overwhelms you. Reflect tranquillity with an inspirational painting, spiritual emblem, candle or positive affirmations. It’s a reminder that home is where our inner harmony resides.