Nature Spirits Workshop

Spirit Walks & Nature Spirits Workshop

What is a nature spirit ?
In mythology, nature spirits, or deities are composed of etheric matter. Their job is to build and maintain the plant kingdom while working in conjunction with the devas and elementals. ... Adherents may literally consider such deities to be divine beings that control particular natural phenomena.
That's a definition I found on line, and here directly linked to deities as well which is a little odd in my view. I think they mean Deva's, which are Vedic angel like beings, responsible for creation amongst other roles. But the word Deva's is now used to describe bigger landscape nature spirits ? Nature Spirits are much broader than just being associated with plants, they are associated with all nature from plants to rivers to rocks, to crystals mountains and caves, forests & entire complex landscapes. Plants tend to be more readily relatively accessible, but I'm sure many of us have felt the spirit of a river or waterfall haunt our consciousness.


I'm pleased to say Kevin Parker & I successfully ran this wonderful workshop and we are in the process of deciding on dates for doing this agian  in 2018   

If your interested in attending please drop us an email or give us a call.  ph 0402 268508 

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