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Knot tying magic

June 17, 2018

Knot tying is an ancient magical art,

rooted deeply in the mythology of the celts and Britains & Europe

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As just a part of many practices I bring to shamanic healing with nature, I sometimes have clients tie knots onto a healing birch tree. Bringing together ancient tree magic and lore with knot magic. Knot tying binds in the positive healing intentions. As you tie each knot of many, you announce your intentions and ask that they are granted.

You can think of the knot as an anchor point for an idea or intention that you want to manifest. Further, the bright ribbon flutters in the winds of change for a year or more, continually whispering out to the world and upon on the winds your wishes. The wind as Air element is all about bringing change and movement, the wind a powerful spirit in itself.  The feminine birch tree is renowned for its magical healing qualities and is anchored through the earth to the unseen realm of the underworld below and its crown reaches up to the heavenly realms above, bringing the healing energies of these two realms together on this middle world realm.

Shamanic healing and spiritual mentoring can help you more easily move through the life's difficult times, be they physical, psychological or spiritual.froma shamanic perspective all life's troubles are all ultimately rooted in some kind of spiritual issue or dis-ease. Please do give contact me if you would like to talk about shamanic healing. 

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