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Shoes off ! get on the earth. Get Earthed

January 16, 2018

Shoes off ! get on the earth. Get Earthed

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Dogs don’t wear shoes, neither did we once.  

llnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear. —Hippocrates



As human beings we evolved for millions of years to be bare footed & not wear shoes ! Shoes are a relatively new invention and came with the development of civilisation, towns and cities, we stopped walking regularly on the earth.

An aboriginal elder Aunty Wendy once told me. When the kids are misbehaving instead of just shouting at them to stop it or behave, my people, my mob still shout at them, be we shout this very specific instruction out loud to them instead

“Take your shoes off ! and get outside onto the grass for 10 min. NOW ! ”

Simple advice from a non-scientist about grounding or otherwise called earthing and it is getting traction in some scientific and medical circles theses days.

What is earthing or grounding ?

Simply put it is walking on the earth, the grass or the even the beach to enable a exchange of electrons and flow of energy from us to the earth and the earth to us.

Earthing is not a fad nor a magic remedy. It is not a medicine or a supplement that you have to remember to take or swallow every day for months before you notice any effect. It does not require long clinic visits or treatments.

Earthing is a safe and healthy lifestyle practice that can have a transformative effect on your health. So why is it not spoken of more, why did my doctor not tell me about it. Well its 100% free ! no one can make out of it, and it sounds too simple. . Well that’s not completely the whole truth, there is a growing industry trying to sell earthing products, such as earthing sheets and earthing shoes, but I am not recommending these. I am merely suggesting you just take your shoes off and walk in the garden or the park for 10 mins a day.  There is no need for this to be extreme or painful, choose soft ground, a park is a good start. Over time the bottom of your feet will become hardened like mine were when I was child and then we can walk more or less      

Going bare feet on the earth, connects us to the harmonizing elecrtro-magnetic rhythms of the earth, the Schumann resonance. It is also the same resonance as sacred sound syllable of OM or AUM. Earthing or grounding can help you feel better and be healthier. And hey your outside, probably getting some Vitamin D and connecting with nature at the same time. Connecting with nature is and will be a big part of healing the world and healing the woes of humanity. I strongly believe a big part of why so many of us and especially teenagers are suffering from mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, is this lack of connection to the outside and specially the natural world, earthing is just part of the benefits we may receive.    

Living indoors and wearing insulting shoes, disconnects us from our natural electric state & hinders our bodies ability to be in sympathy with the circadian rhythms of life. Circadian rhythms are said to be the foundation stone of good physical and mental heath.

Living the majority of our lives indoors where we are exposed to high-frequency-man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) reaps havoc on our biology and our mental health, when disconnected from the natural low frequency EMF’s found on the Earth’s surface this is made worse.

Electrons move from the Earth to the body and vice versa when the body is grounded. This effect is sufficient to maintain the body at the same negative-charge electrical potential as the Earth. Electron flow in the mitochondria is known to reduce inflammation so it stands to reason that this flow of free electrons into the body from the earth is the mechanism by which inflammation is brought down.

The Earth is negatively charged. It has an endless supply of negative-charged free electrons. Anytime you have two conductive objects and they make contact, such as your bare feet and the ground, electrons will flow from the place where they are abundant to the place where there are fewer of hem. The electrical potential of the two objects will thus equalize. 


So I have an amazing offer : Today only

A 100% free no onbligation 7 day FREE trail for but its only available today (otherwise you will forget to do it)

Act now and receive an addition 10 minutes free at no extra cost,

Ask a friend to join you and receive FREE great karma and connection.  


Take the earthing challenge !

Try earthing for seven days, 10 minutes a day and if you don’t any feel better, then stop ! Write back to me if you feel too and tell me I’m wrong.

Kick off your shoes off, walk barefoot on green grass or moist sand at the beach or the earth, or go the extra mile and go for a walk in actual nature bare foot. anywhere like our ancestors did. 10 to 20 minutes a day as many days as possible a week can make a big difference, or just some times infrequently will help a little, try it for yourself and see. Please feel friend to save and share this article with your friends .  

Anthony Ashworth is a Vastu Feng Shui Man, House Whisperer and Shamanic healer.

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The Wings of Africa & the Spirit message of Rhino

January 7, 2018

The Wings of Africa & the Spirit message of Rhino

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The subtle element of FIRE carries qualities, qualities such as those of transmutation and purification, Passion for life and creativity.

So yesterday with the intense summer heat, the fire energy seems to have sparked a surge of passionate creativity in me.

and from that process, a spirit message emerged that & I needed to hear heed and the fire speaks to me. 

I felt a push by spirit, a push by the heat of the fire, this came forth as a desire to create, design, make a new smudging wand. Sweating, I got out my large feather collection, I collect them as a walk in the bush or even the suburbs. On a large table, I got out a few sacred wood wands, I had had for a while, ready to create a new tool when inspiration rose up in me, some glue hemp string, coloured silk cloth, cowry shells crystals, gems etc.

 I opened myself up and said inwardly, let spirit guide me, in this process.    

An unexpected result came forth, a trident Smudging wand. I’ve never seen one before, nor even thought of making one, but here it is and she is beautiful and powerful. She is called "Wings of Africa"  and contains the essence of Africa where I was born, along with a powerful Shamanic creature, a mythical flying Rhino. African mythology is full of wonderful mythical beats. The White Rhino ( originally"whyte" which means powerful)  is one of my totems and a spiritual name, and as given to me by the Credo Mutwa a renowned Sangoma a chief Shaman of the African tribes. The actual name is not given here as one should shroud ones spiritual power names and not share in public.



Below are some of the spirit attributes of Rhino 


As an earth element animal, the Rhino will also help you maintain a connection with the Mother (earth) and mother Africa, for me having been born in Africa this connection is profoundly important.

Rhino brings with it not only power but also the Whyte Rhino was a harbinger of prosperity, Credo told me. If one saw this sacred and protected animal on the way to hunt or trade it meant good fortune & much abundance would follow. Our ancient ancestors, over 80 thousand years ago, worshipped the great mega Rhino as the spirit of power and the power of the golden horn.


Take a step back and delve into the deeper more spiritual meanings of your current life situation. Know that you are powerful.

-Rhinoceros - says


Rhinoceros is letting you know that you need to look more closely at everything around you because things are not what they seem. Are you seeing lack instead of abundance? This animal is here to remind you to appreciate the expansive bounty that surrounds you. Stop and give thanks to the infinite miracles occurring in every moment of your life. Use your spiritual eyes, not your physical eyes to see the truth and maintain a close connection with “Mother Earth” as you expand your inner knowledge to a whole new level.

 If Rhinoceros is your Animal Totem:

You are for the most part a solitary and wise person choosing to spend a great deal of time alone. You enjoy the comfort of your own company and are comfortable with yourself. You have a very close relationship with the ancient wisdom of your soul and have a lot to share about what is real and how to live. For the most part you are a self made success and an achievement seeking powerhouse in your chosen field.

“If the rhinoceros is your totem or come to you as a spirit animal it is your responsibility to take heart of the underlying symbolic message the rhino has for you "nothing is as it seems." The rhino is your companion to help you on a soulful journey in recognizing the truth with your spiritual eyes - not what your physical eyes as Rhinos have poor eyesight and a profound sense of smell.

“Our physical human eyes see something special and magical in the rhino horn - we can initiate that powerful strength, protection, and success internally. Indeed, mystics tell of having visions of an illuminated (sometimes golden) horn the rhinoceros thrust through the veil of ignorance - ripping the veil open to let loose all the opulence and riches (enlightenment) of all mankind's desire. Our physical human eyes see something special and magical in the rhino horn - we can initiate that powerful strength, protection, and success internally. Indeed, mystics tell of having visions of an illuminated (sometimes golden) horn the rhinoceros thrust through the veil of ignorance - ripping the veil open to let loose all the opulence and riches (enlightenment) of all mankind's desire.” 



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