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Why bother to connect with nature? Whatís in it for me?

Why bother to connect with nature? What’s in it for me?

“The true frontier for humanity is learning to connect.” Dr Sue Johnson

I have for many years now spent time in nature, deliberately connecting with the spirit of the bush and the inhabitants that reside there, both in form and in spirit. I knew it felt good when I spent time in Nature. I knew in my bones it was good for me. I felt more real, I felt happier, more connected and importantly more resilient to life’s trials, but why? Even despite a number of tragedies amongst my family and friends that should have been enough to throw me into depression and anxiety.

So, what’s in it for us as human beings to bother connecting with nature and the spirits that inhabit her? Through those tragedies I had also begun to get counselling support and this reintroduced me to a passion for the study of psychology, which in turn helped me to understand & elucidate the human condition. At last, I had some better understanding of & ways to articulate why my processes of connecting with Nature seem so powerful over and above it just feeling nice to be in nature. It’s a complex matter but simplistically put, our mammalian brains are hard wired for connection.

Bonding on this level is very old in us, very essential. It even creates Oxytocin, the feel good or love hormone. Connection to each other is critical, yes. So also is connection to our lost mother. As humans we have chosen to progressively remove ourselves from Nature via the move away and distancing ourselves from our original environment. First to villages, then towns and now cities. We’ve progressively unattached ourselves from our original mother, the earth. She, this most ancient mother, ultimately provides (via the support of father sun) everything for us, and yet we treat her with great distain. We use her. We abuse her. We hardly ever ring home anymore or ask how she is. We have become more and more isolated from her. We have become ever more withdrawn from her. This withdrawal builds on itself in a cycle of disconnection, to the point where we have given up on this connection, like we might give up on a relationship or a bad marriage. We feel superior in our cities. We have conquered the earth. Who needs to be connected to the conquest of our achievements? We are humans not animals. We do not need nature anymore.

Sure “it’s” pretty and we might occasionally go see her briefly or watch her with David Attenborough. But all too sadly we do need her & urgently. That relationship to our mother used to make us feel relatively safe. Now we struggle with doubts, with negativity. We have become care-less of that relationship. We no longer care for, or about nature. (End part one) Author : Anthony Ashworth e runs nature Spirit Walks see his website for more details.  

“The true frontier for humanity is learning to connect.” Dr Sue Johnson.


Attachment and deep “attachment” as expounded by Attachment Theory is a core need for humans.

We have lost much of our deep attachment to nature, so we have been cut adrift from our original source. We have become isolated from nature and isolation leads to neglect. With this neglect comes a slow, deep, creeping guilt, the guilt that we do not really care anymore. Losing connection with the earth on this level scares us and this fear subtly unsettles us, so we shut down. We have shut down our ability to really empathise with the environment and with others. Just look around and see what is going on in the world right now. I believe many of us are unknowingly afraid to confront these feelings, these emotions buried under layers of addictions, to food, TV, alcohol & drugs. We are numbing to the pain within ourselves, and the earth. Look at the growing statistics of depression, anxiety & obesity. The more advanced and removed from nature our cultures become, the greater these issues come forth, to the tipping point now of an exponential explosion of discontent & poor mental health.

I think we are now so far removed, that this guilt that we feel deep down inside scares us. I have had clients say they feel they cannot connect to Nature. They are scared to connect. They are scared at what the long abandoned and abused mother will say to them if they open a dialogue. We are ashamed of the way we have treated her so we withdraw further. Can we really look up & into her eyes? Are we so scared that we would see disgust? No, you will not. Not at all! What I have found when I have looked deeply into her eyes, are pools of unconditional love. I see great love and trust and that she is weeping for us, weeping for her own children. She is sad for us and she says “Please come home. Please come home, from the war.” She allows us to touch the sadness inside and let it go, to have a conversation and be held by our original mum.

So, how do we begin to reform the lost bonds? How do we re-attach? How do we get home? It’s not enough to think about it, read about it here, or see it on TV. We need to create a new dance with nature. Different music brings about a different dance. My new dance, in conjunction with my dowsing buddy Kevin Parker has been via Shamanism, Dowsing and Deep Ecology.

Kevin & I have for many years now explored our reconnection to Nature Spirits. These are the literal voices of the earth, whispering in our ear. The watery eyes of the mother calling us back. They have told Kevin Parker & I, it’s time we shared what they have taught us so far, what we were scared to share should we be labeled a bit (or a lot) odd. We have been given maps for greater understanding & new music to share & dance to. We would love to help choreograph your beautiful dance back home. It’s up to you to stand up for the new dance, or will you remain a wallflower? My gratitude for the elucidations & borrowed words of Dr Sue Johnson an EFT psychologist of renown. Author : Anthony Ashworth Originally publish in the AFSC news letter

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Vastu does it work ?

Do people living in a Vastu home find it works?  

Architecture is guesswork, Architects are not taught to design with the occupant’s life aspirations and overall well being, in mind. They do not generally have knowledge of the basic constructs and forces that underlie the very fabric of the universe. They simply are not taught this at university.

But Vastu does. Architects and building designers are taught how to put a building together how to assemble its parts and use materials. They are taught the design process and with a disproportional emphasis on what a building looks like, not how it supports the core needs of its occupants. Vastu on the other hand, in conjunction with good Architectural and building knowledge provides comprehensive time tested formula and templates that enable, homes, & buildings to be designed with these underlying principles that have been proven to work over 10s of thousands of years. Creating living building that are in sympathy with the very forces that created the universe and our world in the first place, building based on Vastu principle have a higher vibratory resonance and a more suitable vibration for people to thrive in, to enable them to more easily achieve there goals of happiness and success in many areas of there live from, beautiful relationships, to connected healthy family and success in business and career and life generally.  

But do the people who live in Vastu designed homes, find that it works?

A widely published research sociologist wanted to find out and quantify this, so he sent a comprehensive survey measuring quality of life to several hundred people worldwide that live in Vastu dwellings. The survey’s results are powerful; they lend a great deal of credence to the claims that living in these homes would create an influence of good health, happiness, family harmony, and growth toward enlightenment.

90% reported improved quality of life

85% reported less stress and better health

80% reported improved mental health

88% reported their children were happier

92% reported greater overall success

All attributed to living in Vastu.

*Vastu is a form of ancient Indian Feng Shui

Anthony Ashworth Zen home ~ Conscious home: Vastu design

Research as published by the Transcendental Meditation Organisation. 2107

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The power of making a power object. †

: Shake, rattle and consciously role that energy.


Last night I was working with my much loved shamanic rattle I have had for many years, and that I mostly use for shamanic Space Clearing, Especially useful when a negative entity is involved, and for shamanic energy clearing of clients and myself as well.


During working with it, it spoke to me and said, I know you have loved me over the years and at times you have repaired me as needed when needed, but the time has come for more input from you, I need a fresh start and I need renovating and re-energizing. This made complete sense to me as it was looking tied the feathers were now short and ruffled and the handle even a bit loose.


So last night I revamped my rattle, with love, attention & intention and this morning on picking it up I got a strong flash of energy and then a message came from spirit to share in writing,


Why I have a rattle at all and how I use it and begin to talk about shamanic tools and power objects.    


Initially purchased some 15 years ago, it’s a natural gourd rattle with a wood wand though the middle, it was made in Mexico as a musical instrument. I was originally attracted to the symbols carved onto it, of vegetative sun busts, lightening, pathways and the sounds it made.

My rattle has over the years undergone a natural evolution of change to become more personal, more beautiful in my eyes and importantly more powerful, the power to some extent comes from its now long history and my relation ship with it.

I find the deeper my relationship with a tool the more inherent the imbued power it contains.


I need to have a relationship with my shamanic tools or build a relationship with them. Making a tool from scratch by hand as I do, inherently builds that relationship into a tool much more easily & naturally.


When I buy or find an object to be used as or part of a shamanic tool, it may take quite some time, even years, for me to truly get to know and utilize it.


I may find a particular rock or crystal or feather and it may need to stay on or near my altar for ages, sometimes years,. I carefully place it and then talk to it aloud or in my mind and ask that it reveal its purpose in and over time, if I do not already have a purpose in mind.


Talking to your tools, as if or knowing that they are alive, is a powerful practice, ,


One of the benefits is that it begins to break down our rational education and rational mind, around what we have been told is living and what is not.


So called inanimate things, do hold a consciousness and may be inhabited by helping spirits and powerful energies.


This kind of thinking is known “primitive thinking” as described to me many years ago, by my Feng Shui Master Rodger Green and when asking his student to take a leap of faith when beginning to understand concepts in Taoism and Feng Shui. This is a concept or truth called animism; it’s a deeply ancient perspective on life.


Animism is the belief that all things have some level of spirit or soul, including animals, plants, rivers, rocks, mountains, stars and even rattles.


This residing indwelling energy may be further enhanced by other spirit energies to become a power object, a shamanic devise that supplements the shamans own power connecting him/her more deeply with source energy and spirit. These can be gifted to the shaman by spirit or the shaman may imbue this energy himself over time and with the assistance of helping spirits.

My rattle is just one of my power objects, it has been empowered over time by ritual pray and intention, used primarily in Space clearing and Shamanic energy clearing of clients. The sound of the rattle via vibration breaks up energy in order that it may be released or reprogramed, the rhythmic sound of the shaking rattle also helps put me into a shamanic altered state that helps me receive messages from great spirit or my helping spirits and guides.

But that is just the beginning of what my rattle means to me, its deeply symbolic as I said, I was initially attracted to the sacred symbols hand carved onto the rattle, symbols that represent spirit, power, fecundity and light. Now the rattle has undergone a number of transformations, the original feathers soon wore out, and the handle became loose and so the were replaced by feathers belonging to the sacred Raven and all that that entails, for me. Raven is incredibly important to me as it is to many shamanic cultures.

I then replaced what was in the rattle itself; originally they were just little plastic beads. Now replaced with tiny sacred pebbles of loadstone and quarts, as given up to me by ants from there nest in the wild. The pebbles collected appropriately and with permission from the ants. And gifts given back.

These gifts are shamanically seen as being powerful, as they are literally gifts brought forth from the underworld and mother earth by the earth dwelling ants, and can carry a powerful vibration.


The contents of the rattle now became meaningful to me, and the rattle was literally filled with spirit energy, and the energy of the earth and of ant medicine.

Our understanding of our relationship to the world and things, can be deepened when we engage in intentional creative processes and handcrafting.


I recently just spent two days in a forest with my son making a wooden long bow, and that was quite the experience. This bow my become a source of power, it certainly is a source of pride.


I have made many shamanic power tools, from wands & staffs & smudging fans, drums and rattles, to name a few. They are part of my lively hood yes but they are also part of my consciousness and part of me and they are filled and fill me with spirit.      


You too can make your own rattle, from scratch or via modifying one as I did, one can start with a plastic bottle filed with your own tiny pebbles or seeds, rice etc. Empower yourself, call forth spirit and ask, just begin simply you may be surprised what may arise.  


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Shoes off ! get on the earth. Get Earthed

Shoes off ! get on the earth. Get Earthed

Dogs don’t wear shoes, neither did we once.  

llnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear. —Hippocrates



As human beings we evolved for millions of years to be bare footed & not wear shoes ! Shoes are a relatively new invention and came with the development of civilisation, towns and cities, we stopped walking regularly on the earth.

An aboriginal elder Aunty Wendy once told me. When the kids are misbehaving instead of just shouting at them to stop it or behave, my people, my mob still shout at them, be we shout this very specific instruction out loud to them instead

“Take your shoes off ! and get outside onto the grass for 10 min. NOW ! ”

Simple advice from a non-scientist about grounding or otherwise called earthing and it is getting traction in some scientific and medical circles theses days.

What is earthing or grounding ?

Simply put it is walking on the earth, the grass or the even the beach to enable a exchange of electrons and flow of energy from us to the earth and the earth to us.

Earthing is not a fad nor a magic remedy. It is not a medicine or a supplement that you have to remember to take or swallow every day for months before you notice any effect. It does not require long clinic visits or treatments.

Earthing is a safe and healthy lifestyle practice that can have a transformative effect on your health. So why is it not spoken of more, why did my doctor not tell me about it. Well its 100% free ! no one can make out of it, and it sounds too simple. . Well that’s not completely the whole truth, there is a growing industry trying to sell earthing products, such as earthing sheets and earthing shoes, but I am not recommending these. I am merely suggesting you just take your shoes off and walk in the garden or the park for 10 mins a day.  There is no need for this to be extreme or painful, choose soft ground, a park is a good start. Over time the bottom of your feet will become hardened like mine were when I was child and then we can walk more or less      

Going bare feet on the earth, connects us to the harmonizing elecrtro-magnetic rhythms of the earth, the Schumann resonance. It is also the same resonance as sacred sound syllable of OM or AUM. Earthing or grounding can help you feel better and be healthier. And hey your outside, probably getting some Vitamin D and connecting with nature at the same time. Connecting with nature is and will be a big part of healing the world and healing the woes of humanity. I strongly believe a big part of why so many of us and especially teenagers are suffering from mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, is this lack of connection to the outside and specially the natural world, earthing is just part of the benefits we may receive.    

Living indoors and wearing insulting shoes, disconnects us from our natural electric state & hinders our bodies ability to be in sympathy with the circadian rhythms of life. Circadian rhythms are said to be the foundation stone of good physical and mental heath.

Living the majority of our lives indoors where we are exposed to high-frequency-man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) reaps havoc on our biology and our mental health, when disconnected from the natural low frequency EMF’s found on the Earth’s surface this is made worse.

Electrons move from the Earth to the body and vice versa when the body is grounded. This effect is sufficient to maintain the body at the same negative-charge electrical potential as the Earth. Electron flow in the mitochondria is known to reduce inflammation so it stands to reason that this flow of free electrons into the body from the earth is the mechanism by which inflammation is brought down.

The Earth is negatively charged. It has an endless supply of negative-charged free electrons. Anytime you have two conductive objects and they make contact, such as your bare feet and the ground, electrons will flow from the place where they are abundant to the place where there are fewer of hem. The electrical potential of the two objects will thus equalize. 


So I have an amazing offer : Today only

A 100% free no onbligation 7 day FREE trail for but its only available today (otherwise you will forget to do it)

Act now and receive an addition 10 minutes free at no extra cost,

Ask a friend to join you and receive FREE great karma and connection.  


Take the earthing challenge !

Try earthing for seven days, 10 minutes a day and if you don’t any feel better, then stop ! Write back to me if you feel too and tell me I’m wrong.

Kick off your shoes off, walk barefoot on green grass or moist sand at the beach or the earth, or go the extra mile and go for a walk in actual nature bare foot. anywhere like our ancestors did. 10 to 20 minutes a day as many days as possible a week can make a big difference, or just some times infrequently will help a little, try it for yourself and see. Please feel friend to save and share this article with your friends .  

Anthony Ashworth is a Vastu Feng Shui Man, House Whisperer and Shamanic healer.

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The Wings of Africa & the Spirit message of Rhino

The Wings of Africa & the Spirit message of Rhino


The subtle element of FIRE carries qualities, qualities such as those of transmutation and purification, Passion for life and creativity.

So yesterday with the intense summer heat, the fire energy seems to have sparked a surge of passionate creativity in me.

and from that process, a spirit message emerged that & I needed to hear heed and the fire speaks to me. 

I felt a push by spirit, a push by the heat of the fire, this came forth as a desire to create, design, make a new smudging wand. Sweating, I got out my large feather collection, I collect them as a walk in the bush or even the suburbs. On a large table, I got out a few sacred wood wands, I had had for a while, ready to create a new tool when inspiration rose up in me, some glue hemp string, coloured silk cloth, cowry shells crystals, gems etc.

 I opened myself up and said inwardly, let spirit guide me, in this process.    

An unexpected result came forth, a trident Smudging wand. I’ve never seen one before, nor even thought of making one, but here it is and she is beautiful and powerful. She is called "Wings of Africa"  and contains the essence of Africa where I was born, along with a powerful Shamanic creature, a mythical flying Rhino. African mythology is full of wonderful mythical beats. The White Rhino ( originally"whyte" which means powerful)  is one of my totems and a spiritual name, and as given to me by the Credo Mutwa a renowned Sangoma a chief Shaman of the African tribes. The actual name is not given here as one should shroud ones spiritual power names and not share in public.



Below are some of the spirit attributes of Rhino 


As an earth element animal, the Rhino will also help you maintain a connection with the Mother (earth) and mother Africa, for me having been born in Africa this connection is profoundly important.

Rhino brings with it not only power but also the Whyte Rhino was a harbinger of prosperity, Credo told me. If one saw this sacred and protected animal on the way to hunt or trade it meant good fortune & much abundance would follow. Our ancient ancestors, over 80 thousand years ago, worshipped the great mega Rhino as the spirit of power and the power of the golden horn.


Take a step back and delve into the deeper more spiritual meanings of your current life situation. Know that you are powerful.

-Rhinoceros - says


Rhinoceros is letting you know that you need to look more closely at everything around you because things are not what they seem. Are you seeing lack instead of abundance? This animal is here to remind you to appreciate the expansive bounty that surrounds you. Stop and give thanks to the infinite miracles occurring in every moment of your life. Use your spiritual eyes, not your physical eyes to see the truth and maintain a close connection with “Mother Earth” as you expand your inner knowledge to a whole new level.

 If Rhinoceros is your Animal Totem:

You are for the most part a solitary and wise person choosing to spend a great deal of time alone. You enjoy the comfort of your own company and are comfortable with yourself. You have a very close relationship with the ancient wisdom of your soul and have a lot to share about what is real and how to live. For the most part you are a self made success and an achievement seeking powerhouse in your chosen field.

“If the rhinoceros is your totem or come to you as a spirit animal it is your responsibility to take heart of the underlying symbolic message the rhino has for you "nothing is as it seems." The rhino is your companion to help you on a soulful journey in recognizing the truth with your spiritual eyes - not what your physical eyes as Rhinos have poor eyesight and a profound sense of smell.

“Our physical human eyes see something special and magical in the rhino horn - we can initiate that powerful strength, protection, and success internally. Indeed, mystics tell of having visions of an illuminated (sometimes golden) horn the rhinoceros thrust through the veil of ignorance - ripping the veil open to let loose all the opulence and riches (enlightenment) of all mankind's desire. Our physical human eyes see something special and magical in the rhino horn - we can initiate that powerful strength, protection, and success internally. Indeed, mystics tell of having visions of an illuminated (sometimes golden) horn the rhinoceros thrust through the veil of ignorance - ripping the veil open to let loose all the opulence and riches (enlightenment) of all mankind's desire.” 



#shamanism #shamanising #shamanizing #spiritAnimal #spiritguide #totem






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Common interior design mistakes and how to avoid or fix them.

Common interior design mistakes and how to avoid or fix them.

One very common interior design mistake is to follow, strong interior design tends from the TV shows, magazines or social media. What I mean by strong is, quite individuated to a time, or a theme or specific look. By the time we notice a trend, its often outdated already, it can easily date your home to that period in time.


For example the current already & passed in my opinion trend of “timber look” ceramic tiles, this will date your home or renovation to this precise time of around 2015-2016. It was a new and relatively innovative product not extensively seen before, so specific to that time. Another current trend which I happen to quite admire, is the Biophilic inspired trend, using Nature as inspiration.


I applaud these principles of bringing nature into our homes to nuture our souls. However the current trend refers to natural patterns of plants, flowers shells, feather etc. But it may, depending on the individual strength of a particular design or pattern, date quickly.

Certainly the associated trend of tribal-influenced Biophilic design where feathers and printed tribal artefacts etc , are featured will. Again I personally really like tribal-inspired patterns and prints. But be careful they may date your home or renovations or worse they may it outdated already.  



One way to notice if a trend is collapsing and a past already is if the materials are already heavily discounted or on sale, via the big discount houses. They are trying to clear of stock that is not moving for a reason.


All this is easily fixed, choose finishes you like not "what is on trend" and more toward neutrals with less specific patterns or colours finishes and materials. That being said if you wait 15 or 20 years, it may become retro enough to be on trend again.

Be an individual. Not part of the heard.


Real natural materials tend not to date so easily useless they have not been used much before, natural materials and natural colours are considered to be the best Vastu Feng Shui materials, having the best subtle vibration, but they also have different qualities too, so need to be selected with discernment as well.  


Anthony Ashworth Zen Home- Conscious Home

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Creating a Welcoming Home (the Temples and Markets way).

On first impressions:
“First impressions count and are all important in the feeling of a welcome home and not just for your guests, but importantly for you to feel fully welcomed. Create a beautiful, inspirational entry that reminds & inspired you of what life you really want to live. Then critically, use it!

Many of us now drive directly into our dark smelly garage, if so then into a bland hallway, so try going back out through the garage door and in through your now beautiful & inspirational entry! The ancient Chinese referred to this as the ‘Shining golden entryway’.”
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Why Vastu and Feng Shui are influencing the Australian property industry

  • Think you might build or renovate? Consider the practices of Vastu and Feng Shui to guide you on direction, aspect and location for success
    . (Getty Images)
When it comes to home constructions or renovations, practicality and function are important, however, increasingly in Australia, cultural influences from Vastu and Feng Shui are playing a lead role.
Lakshmi Singh

12 SEP 2016 - 12:18 PM  UPDATED 12 SEP 2016 - 12:48 PM


In 2012, demographer Bernard Salt predicted that by “osmosis”, the Australian property industry could reflect cultural preferences of home buyers – and these predictions are coming true. Vastu and Feng Shui are increasingly being incorporated into property development as buyers and developers alike are seeking harmony in their homes.

At their heart, both Vastu and Feng Shui are all about ensuring your living spaces encourage health, coherence and prosperity.

Vastu is an ancient “Indian poetic art and science of crafting an energetically balanced home for and of the soul,” says Anthony Ashworth, a Sydney-based Vastu consultant. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Vastu mandala (the indwelling spirit of the home itself) are important elements to consider in Vastu, he says.

What makes a Vastu-compliant home? Location, direction and orientation of rooms play a significant role and if unbalanced, can impact family life, as Anne Clark, lifestyle health consultant and author discovered.

“We used to live in a property in Kuranda where we were in a valley, down low, and we had several disasters, flooding and even sickness. In our current property at Cooroy, we are up high and have prospered more as a result. No disasters,” she says.

Feng Shui – composed of the invisible chi (energy) in the sky and the visible chi in the land around us is about the interaction and influence of this energy in both indoor and outdoor living spaces, says

Kony Kang, accredited Feng Shui consultant with the Association of Feng Shui Consultants.

[When designing the home], ensure the master bedroom can be placed in the southwest, and the northeast is open.

Kang’s advice starts with selecting the right location at both the macro level (state or suburb) and the micro level (the street). A compatibility test between the direction the front door is facing and the place or time of birth of the owner can also impact suitability, he says.

Aspects such as the orientation of the kitchen, the presence of windows overlooking certain features and even the time period in which you want to live in the home may all have an impact on whether the energy in the house is optimal for you, says Kang.

“Location and landform might be ok, but we need to see whether it is good for you to live in this property at this time,” he says.

If you have the opportunity to start building a house from empty land, Ashworth’s advice is to consider a site that allows plenty of space and access to light from the north and east.

“[When designing the home], ensure the master bedroom can be placed in the southwest, and the northeast is open,” he says.

Vastu principles can also be applied based on a family’s life stage and for a young family, abundance and relationships could be very important. To invite abundance – both in terms of physical health and wealth, Ashworth advises against placing toilets in the north and northeast but establishing a water feature, pictures of nature and elements with the colour green in these directions.

To invite abundance – both in terms of physical health and wealth, Ashworth advises against placing toilets in the north and northeast.

For older couples, spiritual concerns might be more of interest and Ashworth recommends energising the north and northeast by setting up a meditation spot here or keeping a clean bowl of water with clear quartz stone in it.

All is not lost if you’ve bought your property already as the practices can be applied during renovations to improve the aspect of your home.

Chen plans to employ a Feng Shui consultant to advise him about renovating to make space for an extra bathroom as well as suggestions on placement of furniture throughout the house.

Similarly, Clarke placed a water fountain and highlighted their front entrance with crystals to abide by Vastu principles.

“Ultimately, I’m grateful for the peace it brings,” she says.

Love the story? Follow the author here: Twitter @singh_lakshmi 

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Zen Home- How your home can help you recover from work stress

How your home can help you recover from work stress February 15, 2015

Linda moon : with interview inclusions by Anthony ashworth 

These tips will help transform your home into a haven that rejuvenates you after a stressful day.

Peace: Stress and pollution make it more important than ever that we find respite from the modern world in our homes.

Modern homes are generally far too masculine and have a lot of fire/yang energy that creates stress and anxiety," says Anthony Ashworth, a consultant in Zen-inspired interior design and feng shui.

"Think of your home as more like a bowl than a box; as a place of ease and rest, and being, not doing."

Minimise sharp edges, hard finishes and angular furniture, including glass tables and granite surfaces, which amplify stress, he says. Soften windows with curtains and choose furniture with rounded edges and softer materials.

Calm the senses
Bring the aromas of the forest indoors with a potpourri of bark and leaves, or essential oils. "Promote a deep, restful mood with frankincense," suggests aromatherapist Catherine Cervasio, who recommends rosemary for clarity and lemon to pep up energy.

Avoid artificial lighting that's too harsh, bright or dark, and maximise natural light in your main living space.

Ashworth recommends earthy colours for calm: soft whites, natural browns and greens. Urban noise, the television and the hum of fluorescent lighting and appliances can be stress-inducing. "Ensure all appliances are as quiet as you can afford," Ashworth advises. Mask unpleasant sounds with an indoor fountain or music that mimics nature. Nurture connection
Studies show that hard furniture, or heavy furniture that doesn't move or is lined side by side against walls, can hinder social interaction. Encourage companionship with comfy, movable furniture configured in circles or semi-circles. Open-plan kitchens enable communication while cooking, the modern version of gathering at the hearth.

Warm indoor temperatures foster social interaction, according to research published in Psychological Science. Declutter
Clutter saps our mental resources, leading to potential for greater stress. Peter Walsh, author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?, also believes it can make us overweight. He blames clutter and obesity on loss of personal control and a culture that encourages instant gratification and the consumption of more than we need.

Walsh has a simple decluttering recipe: go through every room methodically, and ditch anything you haven't used in the past year or don't love with a passion. List everything you need for the house and don't buy anything else. Don't let stuff rule you: do you really want piles of old newspapers on the kitchen table? Think natural
In alpine areas, beds made of stone pine are said to improve sleep quality.

A study by Austria's Human Research Institute reported that sleeping in a stone pine bed could reduce heart rate and induce a more restful sleep, greater sense of wellbeing and higher extroversion. Flavonoids in the pine's essential oils are thought to be responsible. Natural materials link us to nature, says Ashworth. Choose wood, stone, bamboo and paper rather than plastic, and pieces that age gracefully. "It's all about how your home feels rather than how it looks," he says. "More than 90 per cent of everything we find in the home is manufactured," says Nicole Bijlsma, author of Healthy Home, Healthy Family. She warns that many chemicals found in the home are unregulated and toxic to human health. Bijlsma's strategy is "less is best".

Avoid pesticides, chemical cleaners, plastics and artificial fragrances. Open windows to air the house, and use damp microfibre cloths for cleaning. Set the scene
Those without a pleasant outlook needn't lament: pictures of nature also elicit calm, according to studies by Roger Ulrich, an architecture professor at Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology. Hide a brick wall with displays of leafy branches, indoor plants or a nature-themed screen.And keep washing or paperwork out of view – it can cause stress.

Give peace a chance

Ashworth recommends dedicating a small space as a "peace" zone to retreat to when life overwhelms you.

Reflect tranquility with an inspirational painting, spiritual emblem, candle or positive affirmations. It's a reminder that home is where our inner harmony resides.

Blind Walks A simple way of exploring our surroundings in a different way is to do so blindfolded, being led around by a partner. Try it for a few minutes and then swap over. Try it again, but this time attempt to sense what is in front of you, as though the space around you was an organ of perception.

It can be very interesting to explore attitudes to personal space in a group, particularly how people feel when their space is ignored, infringed or disrupted. By examining and understanding our perception of space, we can learn how to manipulate it. As a solo exercise, try and observe yourself in different situations, from stillness to movement, and how you relate to the space around you. We can learn to feel that the space around us is a medium, or an organ of communication through which we can send ripples or waves. T’ai Chi is a very good BodyMind exercise in this respect, as its slow, graceful movements are useful in enhancing the feeling of being immersed in a fluid-like space.

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Storm Deva - The Nature Spirit of a giant storm.


Storm Deva - The Nature Spirit of a giant storm.

A shamanic true tale 



I had gotten into my sacred bath, I bath ritually and journey in the bath for myself or for clients a couple times a week for 2 hours or so.


The bath is my private uninterrupted space, I set it up the same way each time with many accouterments such as waterproof speakers, essential oils, my home made bath salts , candles, incense, flower head and herbs, flute, didgeridoo & mouth harp (the drum does not like the steamy hot atmosphere), crystals and other power objects I may be working with, I smudge the bathroom known to the family as my Bath-Womb and smudge myself .


So I was just beginning to go into an altered state via music, throat chanting etc.

I follow a kind of shamanic routine to get into shamanic consciousness.


Soon I felt an unusual presents, not a familiar one.


It was big, very very big and powerful but felt gentle & strong.

Through and behind my chanting I began to feel or maybe hear what I thought was a train in the distance or blasting or something?

I could feel the vibrations, then over the 30 minutes or so, it got louder and deeper and more intense.

Something was up the birds had stopped singing and the colour of the light had changed.


I realised the deep rumblings were thunder, an amazing orchestral beating of thousands of kettle drums and grandmother drums being struck rhythmically by Thor’s lightening hammer .

Then my phone (used in the bath to play trance music & drumming tracks) pinged and it said “storm and flood warning “ in your area.


So I opened the weather radar to see, wow a huge storm front and I mean huge was coming in across the whole eastern seaboard of Australia from Queensland to Victoria and the entire coast of New South Wales.


I recalled my mystic mate Kevin Parker, had asking me if I had ever worked shamanically with the weather Deva spirits? At the time I said no it had not arisen for me.

The radar showed this monumental storm front was shortly going to pound us. No way in the world could it miss us, it was going to be quite a storm.


I realised it was close to twilight, twilight is a time when my and the doors of perception are most open and when the veils between the worlds is thinnest, a perfect time to connect .


I had already connected with the energy of this storm well before it arrived or even rationally knew it was coming, so it seemed very much to be an invitation to connect & go further and deeper, so I did.


I settled in to connect with the energies deeper, it felt amazing to feel into the sheer power of something this big, this Giant Nature Spirit Deva of the storm.


It was careering down on me and the booming rhythmic thundered was getting closer, thunder literally shaking the very earth like a huge shamans drum.


A thought arose in me, a doubt. Who am I to talk to this Huge Devic Spirit, maybe the energy is too big, maybe I should back off ?


“NO” the storm Deva said, you have asked permission you are humble, feel me “NOW”.

My heart raced a little, then opened up still further, I was in tears of rapture at the tingles that were coursing through my body. The storm and I had become one, the barriers of my limiting skin and limiting consciousness gone, my ego thin, the ecstasy and bliss were beautiful    


The Storm Deva then said ! tas it spoke to my consciousness


“LETS PLAY, ask me something !”


What does one ask a mega storm? In retrospect I can not believe what I asked of it!

I said

“how about you go around me and miss my home completely” Knowing fore well this was impossible having seen the trajectory & size of the storm coming into three entire states.


The Strom went very quiet, , the thunder stopped the wind settled, the birds started to call out seemingly in delight and celebration.

Storm Deva said “WATCH”

I was looking out of my bathroom window as the windows are always open when I bath, but I could not see a lot of the sky as the trees water sodden, had closed in around the window. I kept feeling into the energy, amazing as it was.


Storm Deva said again “WATCH ME”


I said “I’m trying too” , should I get out of the bath and go onto the terrace to watch the light show roll in ?

Strom Deva said “NO” watch ME from above,”


I thought to myself, of course I will shamanically travel up and fly into the sky and watch from there.    


Storm Deva said “NO …. use your iphone “  


I opened the radar again to see the Radar live video, showing the storms progress over the past half hour or so, it had been literally coming straight at me in a huge front, as I watched I could not believe my eyes, the radar showed the storm had begun to change direction, ever so slightly at first increasingly more over the next 15 minutes. Finally and impossibly the storm slid by my home by literally only a few hundred meters away or less, the front was so big it could not possibly do this, but it had somehow opened up a gap and over the next half an hour or more as waves of the front came through, each one went past and even around my home so that the storm was all around very close to me & yet not ever over me, the Storm Deva seemed to Giggle at my astonishment, I even said at one point “enough!” who am I to have you do this ?

I was strangely disappointed that I had missed the fury of storm , and said to the the Storm Deva I ‘m sorry if that was egotistical of me to ask such a big ask, just let it rip.






Titans such as this it seems, talk very slowly with few words, but with great authority, entering your consciousness almost from the inside out. It is difficult to describe with mere words.    


At this point I want to say that it had occurred to me before asking that we had, had a lot of rain in the weeks before this storm and the land and all the plant and animals, rivers etc did not need more water, although half an hour or so after getting out of the bath, it poured and has not stopped raining much since then.  


The reason I share this story is not to make me look the Shaman, or in order to demonstrate that these things are possible, I have communicated with many a Nature Spirit, Elementals such as fire or water, animal spirits, plants, a place, a home, a waterfall, even a landscape and a whole city Deva, but I felt to small or too in my ego or too less than, to try to manipulate the weather, I may never try to manipulate the weather, but I will communicate with Weather Deva’s given the chance.

It occurs to me in hindsight that it was a block on my behalf to not to want to try as I felt the only reason one would do so, was for personal human gain.

I do not communicate with other spirits for personal gain, but I had this block that to do so with weather would be.


We as humans have to a large extent been programmed to ask what can nature, the universe do for me, rather then just communicating for the sake of communicating, communicating with and building relationship with other nature spirits has always been a joy.


Let me tell you, communicating with a storm is a joyous experience, try it one day for yourself ! I now look at the sky the clouds and the rain in a different way, they are no longer inert weather patterns, they are playful titans in the service of great spirit.


Kevin is often reminding me that the work with Nature Spirits must be fun ! As well as being serious.

Well Kevin it seems you have indeed been listening to those clouds and they to you. As this was the funniest experience in a while. Between you, great spirit and a Great Storm you have taught me a very BIG great lesson.

One can simply play without the need for wanting anything or any outcome out of it. Thank you I am most grateful !


This occurred over 12 months ago, only now do I feel confident and brave enough to share it in this Blog.


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Dowsing as a support to Feng Shui

I recently gave a presentation at the AFSC conference on the Gold Coast 2017 on Dowsing  as a support to Feng Shui, followed by workshops on the Gold Coast and in Sydney, but dowsing is more then a mere support, its amongst the the very ancient roots & foundations of Feng Shui itself.

More than 2000 years ago the writings of the veritable sage Confucius mentions dowsing, Emperor Kwang Sung 2200 BC was known to have dowsed & the prophecies of Hosea more than 1400 years ago talk of dowsing for water veins  he refers to as ‘divination’. Emperor Ta Yu, the founder of the Hsia dynasty also talks of dowsing. Dowsing was used to determine underground water and energy streams and dragon lines.

In the later periods the Feng Shui masters used and still do use today the Lou Pan, the indication of the trembling of the the Lou Pan needle is used to access earth energies and geopathic stress.

My point here is, dowsing is sometimes considered a new age or ancient western modality, it is not ! It clearly was and can be an integrated part of our present Feng Shui practice, I would go so far as to suggest or ask, that without implementing it into our Feng Shui work and consultations are we fully and authentically practicing Feng Shui?

Dowsing is an art that taps into our intuition into the divine feminine within all of us, it’s a diagnostic tool that tunes into unseen energies inherent or embedded in a home or the land under it or surrounding it, these unhealthy or troublesome energies may be man made or natural or even spirit energies.

The dowsing rod, pendulum or Lou Pan needle is not magic, no psychic ability is needed.

Dowsing & it’s tools are simply instruments which shows the reaction of the human nervous system & subconscious selves. Our rational mind may process 4 or 5 pieces of information at one time, our subconscious can process over 40,000 pieces of information at one time and is far more sensitive than any of our 5 senses, as experienced through our rational mind, dowsing taps into our ancient intuitive self, the gut feeling that kept us alive as a species a for millions of years before we developed our rational minds. So get dowsing for your clients and yourself, if you know how or learn how to if you don’t.

After many years of dowsing & much research, I now teach specific techniques to become professionally proficient & confident with dowsing, entraining both the left an right brain together so they work in harmony for significant & accurate results. If you would like to learn or step up and inot your dowsing skills please contact me, to register your interest. Anthony Ashworth  

*This article appeared in the AFSC Association of Feng Shui Consutants news letter Nov 2107  

ademdum Dowsing is also intricatly linked with Vastu 



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Nurturing your own spirit with Nature medicine.

Nurturing your own spirit & self with Nature medicine.

Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water


I woke up feeling a little down, having gone to bed over thinking and worrying about concerns and problems in my life. I got up and sat in my mediation nest, a beautiful, nurturing soft place of cushions and a warm, quiet blanket.

During my mediation I realised I had fallen back in the human condition of allowing my mind to focus and dance with my problems - allowing it to take me to places of worry and negative emotions, rather than appreciating all the really great things I also have in my life.


My glass was fast becoming half empty, rather than half full.


I felt into my heart and I felt it was shutting down, by perceived hurt, criticism, sorrow. We all have times in our lives that seem hard. Grief can kick in and whilst it’s good to feel into these times & honor them, we can also allow them to take us over.


So I decided I needed that which I know best helps me:

to reopen my heart to seeing the sunshine rather then focusing on the shade.


I needed some Nature Medicine.

I needed to take myself on a little Spirit walk for my soul.


I grabbed the car keys, my wooden flute and my little dog. Five minutes later we were walking amongst the gum trees between deep, red earth wombat holes, along the river toward the wetlands.


I felt myself wanting healing. I so wanted to feel better. “I’m in Nature, I should be feeling good, I should be connecting,” but No, my monkey mind had come on the walk with me, poo.


So I relaxed and stopped trying to connect, stopped trying to feel better. I just started to really look at what was around me, smell what was there, hear what was present. I grabbed a hand full of tea tree leaves, crushed them between my palms and inhaled deeply. Aunty Wendy an indigenous elder, says this stuff is bush medicine for her aboriginal mob for when they are feeling anxious. I smiled and was reassured by this memory. Even traditional indigenous peoples got anxious sometimes. I tend to Romanticise the life of our indigenous ancestors, as they lived so closely connected to the land, in apparent paradise. However they, like me had things on their minds: “I’m worried the wife feels I have not brought back enough meat that last hunt. What of that other tribe and what they may be planning. “


My dreamy mind was brought back into the now, as I stumbled on a gum tree root and I looked up at a shining blue black Raven cawing loudly overhead.


When Raven shows up I know things will happen.


Walking helps to move me and moves my emotions, but I also know that sitting still in Nature is a very powerful practice.

So I found a warm spot, with a beautiful view down over the lake and the water bird infested, shrubby islands. I settled the dog, warmed my wooden flute in my hands and played a Pan like drone, softly to the wind, to the water and to me.

I had stopped.


The harmonic music soothed me, as I felt connected to other than me, and that resonated back into my heart. The birds listened and then sang along. The wind played the trees and a wire fence breezily hummed. I closed my eyes for a while and went deeply inward.


As I opened my eyes, two huge ancient birds floated in from the blue sky, to plane down upon the water with giant webbed feet.

The Pelican. An old wise friend, one I had not seen for a while. They can disappear into the great, blue beyond, seemingly for years at a time, as can our hearts.


I recalled the alchemical myth of Pelican. Seen higher in esteem, even than the majestic Eagle. Pelican is the greatest of flyers. It takes a huge amount of energy for them to get off of the water, but once in flight they soar upon the unseen up-currents for hours & days, able to traverse continents, almost without effort. With this ability to fly into the stratosphere endlessly and effortlessly, they are a symbol of Great Spirit.


A symbol to aspire to: Effortlessness.  


And yet the Pelican is also depicted in the alchemical diagrams as having multiple chicks. The chicks, being symbols of our many aspects of spiritual self. She is compelled to peck at her very own breast, making herself bleed and pour blood from her own heart in order to feed her fledgling chicks - an ancient shamanic and profound wisdom symbol.


Even the very greatest adept of effortless flight, needs to sacrifice to self, in a painful symbol, of self love, giving of self to self and in order to nourish our spirit selves, our own inner growing children.


Here I was, in the bush by the waters, being reminded, nurtured by nature herself, sacrificing my time, my busy day, my sorrowful bleeding heart in order to feed & nourish my soul.


It completely astounds me that almost without exception, when I consciously go out into nature for healing and connection as opposed to just going for a walk in the bush, nature, great spirit, provides me with the nutrients I need. To see Self or some aspect of myself, reflected back to me, coloured by verdant wisdom and earthy grounded insights.


Nurturing one’s self, one’s spirit, as the Pelican mythically does, in order that we may fly more effortlessly through life, is important. Making time for Nature to nurture us, as a mother nurtures her children, is an art lost to most.


An old aboriginal Uncle, unfortunately I don’t recall who, but I think that’s OK, as in my mind he’s become archetypal wisdom & represents all indigenous people. When asked, “What is the most important thing you can do to help white fellas understand the deep connection to country that aboriginal peoples feel” he replied:


“Sit down on the ground in’da bush, for 2 hours. Shut up, be quiet.”


This answer was so profoundly simple. It left an indelible mark on me.


Remember to honour yourself & nurture your own spirit. No one else can like our own ancient mother, Nature.


Anthony Ashworth is a Shaman and House Whisperer. He takes people into pristine nature on what he calls Spirit walks and guides people with shamanic techniques, to easily reconnect with nature and with themselves.  click for information on Spirit Walks  


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Vastu & Chess: The Game of Existence

Vastu & Chess: The game of existence

The game of Chess is an very ancient game with connections deeply rooted in the Vedic tradition of Vastu and the Vastu mandala grid of squares, most often simplified down to a 8 x 8 or 9x 9 squares held within a square grid of one over aching square. 

The chess board of eight x eight squares represent the meta-field of non-physical existence, as opposed to nine x nine squares which infers the physical field in which we are mostly conscious. So Chess is about what has created and is happening in the greater universe, its not a simple war game, about soldiers. Its deeper more mysterious the we we image. I think I and many of us have felt this when we play, its ancientness it’s so much more than a game.    

Originally before the pieces were ascribed as Kings & Queens, knights and bishops, the pieces were hierarchical Devas, angelic energetic creatrix beings, still present and accessible in parallel universes today and they represented and still do, the forces of light. The black pieces are the Asura's or some call demons, although they not evil demons as such.

 “Asuras (Sanskritअसुर) are mythological lord beings in Indian texts who compete for power with the more benevolent devas (also known as suras).[1] Asuras are described in Indian texts as powerful superhuman demigods or demons with good or bad qualities.” Wikipedia

It's most important to note both "sides" pieces black and white travel on both the black and white squares, suggesting dualists pathways of opposing energy for both sides angelic and demonic to travel upon. In the bible the devil was once an angel who took a differential path to that of the good angels, later demonified as fallen from grace, but no devil then no God.

From a Vedic perspective the universe defined itself by subtle separation in order to self experience, so there is no 'game' or no existence no consciousness at all, without both sides represented here by black & white.

Without the black, the darkness, we cannot perceive the light and without light the white, we can not perceive darkness. The universe (us) is simply unable not only to perceive, but to exist at all, without its counterpart, the two sides are the very same sides of the same coin.

In chess we participate in this symbolic and metaphorical reference to the teaching of the Vedas, where the eternal struggle between theses two opposites, that are one and eternally linked (and actually aspects of the one. Or are the one, differentiated )

Both are required for life & consciousness itself, to exist, at all. There is no way to see the one without the other it must as a given, contrast against itself a counterpart.

So when you may next see a game or play chess played or play yourself, remember it is more than even an archetypal battle, rather the chess board is a universal metaphor of the creatrix matrix showing us symbolically how the universe and the core forces if of the universe & existence are being played out. You get to be in the mind of God in some sense symbolically. Check Mate. By Anthony Ashworth Vastu Feng shui man  

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Iím a temple traveler. Itís what I love to do.


I’m a temple traveler. It’s what I love to do.


I sometimes feel like I’m some sort of questing Indiana Jones, but my gold is not physical treasure it’s exploring and trying to comprehend the sacred vibration, resonance and deep symbolism of these places.
I have traveled to many parts of the world, not all (not yet anyway) on a quest to visit sacred temples, and then explore them. I can not help but then analyze, these most sacred and energetic of human and divine places. It is my personal quest to understand the core, archetypal needs of humanity around space and place.

I have explored many temples and temple complexes around the world, including those in countries such as India, Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey, Europe and Britain. Many of them iconographic & famous ones, such as: Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Mahabalipuram in India, My Son in Vietnam & Palmyra in Syria, just to name a few of the sacred buildings around the world I have known.

However one, more than any, stands out as extraordinary beyond all others.

The Ancient Vedic Temple of Madurai in central Southern India.

Madurai, the oldest continuously operational temple in the world, is a living place of unbroken worship for over 6000 years. From humble beginnings as a Linga stone in a forest shrine, to now being a sacred Axis Mundi, the epicenter of a thriving city, the entire region of Tamil Nadu, if not of India herself.

Imagine how much love, dedication and pure sacrifice has been poured into the idols, the altars, the waters and the very stones of Madurai. Many temple complexes may have been grander, bigger or even once upon a time more energetic, but Madurai Temple is an ancient living temple, an actual living being, deity imbued & exceptional, in so much as it is constructed and dedicated, most unusually, to both the God and the Goddess in the same temple.

I can personally attest to the incredible and palpable power, peace & extraordinary frequencies that emanate from many sacred building and profound natural landscapes, but of all places Madurai Temple still leaves its sacred mark on me. It opened me. It opened my heart & my soul & filled me with love and appreciation for life & Spirit. It changed me.

I have been invited to give a another presentation at the Dowsers society in Sydney. Its not unitl December, but please put it in your dairy now if you feel to attend, they charge very little for these lectures.
The full short article I wrote for the Dowsing society is here bellow and on my website.
My 2 Day Introduction to Vastu (Which is ancient Indian Vedic Feng Shui) workshop coming up soon November 4th & 5th

In this presentation, I will share my story of Madurai, what I felt and saw as well as exploring and explaining some of the rich archetypal symbolism of the Architecture the *Vastu design, decoration and layout present there.
To visit and know Madurai even virtually, as I will share in my presentation, is to share in the energies and symbolism of the very creation of the earth and the universe itself.

Anthony Ashworth is a Feng Shui man, Shaman, Dowser, Vastu Consultant and teacher, he helps people get the very best life out of there homes. If you would like to know more about the core elements of Vastu & on which Madurai Temple is based and proceeding this presentation he is running a Vastu Intensive 2 day weekend Master Class on November 4th & 5th in Sydney. No previous experience necessary.
* Vastu is the ancient great, great grandfather of Chinese Feng Shui, Geomancy

Please register your interest at

 Dowers society link

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Space Clearing the ghosts of energies past

Space Clearing the ghosts of energies past. by Anthony Ashworth 

This article was origainlly published in Issue Magazine.


I had a sickening feeling in my gut, like when you are confronted with the smell of something really spoiled & rotten, your nose tells you to be aware, be careful, something’s toxic, something’s off.

I gagged then burped & coughed “this place feels awful” I said to myself. But there was no physical "off" smell, nothing was rotten or off, or was there?

This was a clients apartment they had rented out, bad tenants with bad vibes, it felt shabby & unkempt yes, but the worst of it was the feeling the place had, just pure bad, sad feeling in the air &coming out of the very walls. You would think I would have gotten used to this by now, I had been clearing & cleansing other peoples homes for many years. Oh well just another day of Space Clearing.

My client had gotten me in to Space Clear both their home & an investment apartment they were having a lot of trouble with, the latest tenants were again bad tenants, as were the ones before them & before them yet again, drug addicts & this time worse with mental health issues to boot, I had at that point no idea of any of this history, but I could feel it in my bones, the house was whispering to me, telling me all its stories of sadness, grieve, anger & sickness that were trapped in the walls, the floors the entire fabric of the building, all the ills of the human condition, all the unrealised dreams & the lost love. I could feel tears welling up as I burped & gagged yet again. My client who was hovering by the open door said “can you fix this?”

Whilst this place was a lot worse than your average home needing a Space Clearing, I could clear it, I would help to reset the energy of this poor little apartment to be light, clear supportive of whoever next lived here.

Ok I said, lets sort this out, where’s my house doctors bag,( its literlly a large  old doctors leather bag)

And I grabbed my big shamanic frame drum & I began to tell the house with sound & song, precious herbs & smoke that it was loved after all, the very indwelling living spirit of the home seemed to begin to smile & the etheric smell began to dissipate & abate.

The happy ending to this dark tale is that within a few days of clearing it and investing the place with positive energy vibes & love, my client rang me to announce with great glee that he had rented the apartment out to a charming young executive who had asked for a long lease & much to his complete consternation, if it was alright if she repainted the entire unit, at her cost!

Space Clearing which is markedly different to Feng Shui may be an ancient tradition, but frankly it is needed more thn even  in our modern times.  Even or especially in your normal suburban homes or places of businesses.

Sadly just leaving the television on, brings in negative energies from the outside world, let alone all the inadvertent negativity we create ourselves in our home. Sickness, sadness worry or the simple act of an unfulfilled dream or unrealised aspiration, a single sad thought or worse, spoken words of anger or despair can create a small but cumulative pocket of down-ness of darkness, all of which over time builds up embeds itself in the home & creates a less than ideal environment in which to live & thrive

The more hardcore & mystical aspect of Space Clearing is Ghost oe entity busting.

Some homes & some people do experience non helpful spirits, ghosts or entities, these energies may not be malevolent as such, perhaps just disruptive of sleep, often creating fear in the family, which makes it worse, often time it is children who are more aware & experience this as night terrors.

These types of problems are often associated with the home being on a spirit line, ley line or song lines or the junction of two of theses lines, which tend to work as spirit highways the junctions being spots to hop off, others reside in places that may have been meaningful to them in life. People often get scared because spirits can project onto them another person, one whom the ghost wants to tell something, not the person now living their. So for instance they might say “come with me to the other side” which is quite scary stuff, but this statement is being addressed to an ex-wife, not you. They simply just see you as that other persona they want to see.

Sometimes theses troubled homes require clearing & healing with dowsing & earth acupuncture as well as Space Clearing.

Whist this article has focused somewhat on the negative effects of not Space Clearing, the big plus in Space Clearing is what it brings forth in your life, bucket loads of positive energy & a much greater likelihood of your dreams & desires and aspirations being manifest, right now.

If you would like to have your home Space Cleared I’d love to be of service, I also run on request one or two day DYI Space Clearing workshops 6 or more people require . Anthony Ashworth is a Sydney based professional Space Clearer & Feng Shui Man & dowser working throughout Australia. 

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