Dowsing for Feng Shui Workshop


As a Support To Your Feng Shui Practice

The Workshop

The ancient wisdom of dowsing can be a great tool for every Feng Shui Practitioner, helping to solve difficult and unexplained issues when consulting.

Dowsing is a diagnostic tool that tunes into unseen energies inherent or embedded in a home or the land under & surrounding it, so unhealthy or troublesome energies may be identified and resolved.

Two day workshop intensive Sydney - Sat August

12th & Sun 13th August at Castle Graig



Two day workshop intensive Gold Coast

Saturday  July 22nd - Sunday July 23rd now complete we had 14 now awesome wondeful dowsers attend ! 

Melbourne September (dates TBA)


Reduced price !!  $495.00 (originally price  at $980)


What just a couple participants said on the previous one in July on the Gold coast 

Thank you so much to Anthony for an incredible weekend of dowsing. Anthony's passion for what he does combined with his dedication to sharing his knowledge with others made this an exceptional learning experience.Kim McLeod 


Thank you for a fabulous weekend Anthony. I loved everything about it - especially clearing the geopathic stress from K's property. Roslyn Neville


Includes a follow up Webinar and substantial accredited AFSC PD points.

Feng Shui & dowsing support each other and have historical roots


Feng Shui evolved from and out of Dowsing. It was used to determine Dragon lines and underground water lines. It historically was, and can be again an intricate part of Feng Shui.
The early Chinese Emperor Kwang Sung (circa 200 BC) was known to have dowsed! He refers to it as 'divination'. Hosea specifically mentions the dowsing wand. Dowsing was also important to, Emperor Ta Yu, an expert dowser & the founder of the Hsia dynasty in China in the year 205 B.C. This is recorded in an inscription to be found on a Bas Relief in the Shantung province of China.


Only 12 places remaining for Gold Coast Workshop REGISTER TODAY with a $100 deposit or email me  at for EFT detials or Call:0402268508



A huge thank you Anthony for the recent Dowsing Weekend Course on the Gold Coast. It was such a pleasure to learn the pendulum and metal rod skills from you. Who would have thought that one would learn so much in 2 days. Your passion for your craft is fabulous and I intend to use my newly found skills to help future Feng Shui clients. A sincere thank you for allowing us your insight into geopathic stress and its related problems and solutions. July 2017 ‎Roslyn Neville 

Kim McLeod Thank you so much to Anthony for an incredible weekend of dowsing. Anthony's passion for what he does combined with his dedication to sharing his knowledge with others made this an exceptional learning experience.


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INCORPORATE THE DIVINE FEMININE with dowsing also known as "DIVINING” Learn to tap directly into the divine feminine within the earth and within yourself. Access your own powerful intuition; bring forth a Yin approach and greater balance for your Feng Shui Practice and your personal divine connection.

This will be fun a weekend, full of experiential exercises, field work
and you will receive accredited AFSC professional development points !

Dowsing in conjunction with a Feng Shui assessment, can make your cures and activations even more powerful, by reducing or removing other non Chi based environmental stresses, which may hamper the effectiveness of your Feng Shui.

I have found through teaching Geopathic stress cures & rectification workshops and the fact that many Feng Shui practitioners refer dowsing work to me, that although versed in Dowsing, most do not have the confidence to offer dowsing to their clients.
After this two day intensive, course work and follow up webinar, you will have the confidence you need to dowse professionally, both with pendulum and rods!

Being able to offer dowsing you WILL get more referrals from complementary health practitioners such as: Naturopaths, Kinesiologists, Homeopaths, Chiropractors. There are 30 thousand complementary health practitioner businesses in Australia waiting to refer your services to their clients who spend $4 billion per year in Australia.



Kony Kang
 Kony did our last dowsing workshop 

It's a practical tool to check whether our Feng Shui  arrangement is really working. I personally use dowsing to inspect luxury mansions in NSW. Great & thank you. Kony Kang 


I was blessed to spend the day with Anthony learnig dowsing, wherein he shared his vast knowledge on not only dowsing but also the earths energies. After the days workshop I am now very confident to trust the accuracy of readings of subtle energies. Thank you Anthony for the teachings I now have for life. Sherri Eagland 


There aren't very many Classical Feng Shui Experts who also dowse here in the U.S. but it was important to me to learn both pieces because of the measurable difference in results and feeling created when dowsing and classical Feng Shui are used together. Chriss Barr 

QUAN YIN Patron of the divine feminine. She rides upon the currents of the dragon with Willow branch in her hand divining. As if she herself were dowsing the dragon currents and water lines.