Anthony Ashworth Vastu Feng Shui man. Space Clearer, House Whisperer

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Empowering people & places. Good fortune, well being, prosperity and happiness await you! ......... CHANGE your PLACE to CHANGE your LIFE


Vastu - Feng Shui Practitioner 

Anthony is considered to be a world expert in the application of Vastu Shastra to our homes and businessess. Vastu from ancient India is the oldest and most powerful Feng Shui system on the planet. I am also an expert in traditional Chinese Feng Shui so I bring to you, the best they both have to offer.       

Vastu intensive weekend course in Sydney in November 4th & 5th



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Space Clearing Expert

Space Clearing is removing the "bad vibes" contained in a space or home by cleansing the energy of your home or business, then instilling positive new vibrations to allow for the posibility of the very best life.  

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Dowsing & geopathic stress rectifcations   

Comprehensive dowsing & earth healing rectification service for the determination of any disruptive earth energies & removal or transmutation of Geopathic earth stress.  


Anthony Ashworth is a renowned world expert having been a practitioner, researcher and teacher of Vastu Shastra- Feng Shui for over 20 years. Anthony offers consultations for your home or business. He is also recognised and recommended by leading Feng Shui consultants as Australia's top Space Clearer.

An international speaker and teacher he also offers lecturing & workshops in Vastu Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Sacred Place.  

" I can release the latent potential of your home or office, to be the very best positive and supportive environment in which you can thrive.   A soul-filled, healthy, harmonious and sacred place."

"Our homes can be temples of light, powerful vehicles for the manifestation of our deepest dreams, our life purpose and our true destiny, places that holistically support and empower us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually"

"We invest many thousands of dollar$ in rent or 100s of thousands of dollar$ in purchasing a home or running a business. Let me help you get the very best value from your investment by ensuring your environment is fully supporting you, to step into the very best life available to you. I can get rid of all the "bad vibes" and then identify how to maximise the posative energy & instill the most positive vibrations into the home, so you can easily embrace and enjoy all the positive energy your home or place of business can offer".   


 What others say about Anthony : testimonials

Bellow are just a few examples of testimonials of the many very happy and sometimes astionished clients.  

* "Anthony is a house whisperer he knows the secret of how to communicate with houses & the energies they contain." Sally  

* “Anthony was amazing, a whirlwind improving our home , we saw & felt an almost immediate positive change. I now really love my home for the first time in 20 years of living here ” Margaret.  

* "Thank you Anthony for turning my house into "our home" this week with your intensive Vastu/Feng Shui make over. My family is thriving and connecting in such new and beautiful ways, more friends are walking through the door to share the natural beauty here, and I'm so delighted and grateful to you and your gifts. Deepest thanks from all of us. "You are a genius"   Julia  (life coach). 

 * "I am getting  radically good results from the work you did! I have lived in a Feng Shui environment for years so was not anticipating such drastic and awesome improvements as have occurred since my consult with you." Jean (professional astrologer).

 * "I must say I don’t think a day has gone by that I don’t thank you for what you have done for us.  I feel it has made a difference and sometimes just the act of a few simple gestures can propel one to greater things. I feel very blessed for meeting you."  Michelle.

 * It’s been so much fun changing things for the better and then watching my life change right in front of my eyes. Mum was also really impressed and interested in everything you said as well. Thanks Anthony….. its so obvious that you know your stuff and that you love it!! Penny. 

* My home has up for sale for 12 long months ! Anthony did a remote Space Clearing, the next day the Real Esate Agent said  "all the negative feeling have gone" and amazingly the house was sold within 4 days ! Thank you Anthony I am so grateful ! " Jennifer Business coach   

Brand new article out today 1st August 2017 8 Activities That Won't Break The Bank 

If you're feeling a little low on cash but you want to keep yourself busy, here are eight ways you can have some serious fun, without spending a cent.


I wrote a contribution to this article regarding Spirit walks to this article just published so go have a look at the link 8 Activities You Can Do When You’re Broke : Bush Walks, But Better
Do you feel disconnected from the world, and you need to take a break from city life? Anthony Ashworth, Vastu Feng Shui man, offers his advice for those who want to go out in nature. “Spirit walks in nature Forest Bathing 100% free. In Australia, we are lucky to have an abundance of bushland near or in our cities, so take yourself into nature on a Spirit Walks, the Japanese call it forest bathing. It’s more than a bush walk, it’s where you go into nature more consciously, you start by announcing yourself and your intention to be in the bush ie : "I am Anthony I am here to connect with the spirit of the bush and receive healing" ask permission of the spirit of the forest to be there, then walk very slowly and watch, slow & deepen your breathing down. Use all your sensors, listen, smell and feel the forest, sit down and do nothing for at last 20 minutes or more in one spot (no talking) then go hug or at least place your hands on the tree and then speak with that tree and see if it has anything to say, you might get quite the surprise? Meditate on a rock & connect your soul with the soul of nature our original m other get your toes into the soil or into the creek. Being in the forest brings us peace of mind, peace of soul and peace to our overly abused wallets too.” Find out more about Anthony Ashworth by following him on Facebook and Instagram.…/p…/feeling-frugal-fun-activities






SERVICES I offer for your home or place of business.   

Vastu-Feng Shui Energise and harmonise your home or business 

Create more love, prosperity,  harmony and peace in your home and your entire life.   

Home consultations  & Design services 

With Vastu-Feng Shui, I take your existing place, be that a home or unit owned or rented and offer simple, easily applied, inexpensive or no cost ways to radically improve the environment and the energy. I can do this either on site in person at your place or via a remote distant consultation, anywhere in Australia or the world, via floor plans, photo's, google earth etc  

Business & Office Vastu-Feng Shui 

Question: What do Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Donna Karan, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey all have in common?  

The answer: Feng Shui  (Lennox wave magazine)

Not only can Feng Shui & Vastu help create abundance in your life generally, a consultation for your office or business can improve productivity, create better staff satisfaction & retention rates, less absenteeism and sick days.  Studies have shown that staff generally in MOST offices are unsatisfied with their work environment. Having been a profesional business & retail designer & planner for many years. Let me help you get the best out of your existing work environment.   I also Space Clear businessess see bellow Space Clearing  

Design & design advice : Get the very best from your home design, just send me your floor plans.   

I provide Vastu and Feng Shui design service and or advice on your proposed new home design to enable it to be the very best place for you to live and thrive. 

Be it a brand new home designed from scratch or advice on changes to a project or kit home design or which one of a number of designs to choose, or renovations to your existing home or a new design you or your Architect have done, I'm happy to design it for you or be part of your design team, initially for floor plan layouts only or right throught to finishes and colours, landscaping of gardens etc.       

* Vastu is an ancient Vedic Indian Geomantic system similar to, but preceding Feng Shui. It is the Great Great grandfather of Feng shui and is said to be over 20,000 years old whilst feng Shui is around 6000 years old, they share much in common and an with right knowledge be compatable with each other.  

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Space Clearing Remove those bad vibes and old stale energy for a FRESH START 

Anthony has cleansed and energised hundreds of homes, Expos, conferences, schools, and businesses. An internationally acclaimed space clearer and teacher, Anthony is reputed to be Australia’s most knowledgeable and powerful  Space clearer and energiser of spaces. This can be done on site in person at your place or via a remote distant Space Clearing consultation, anywhere in Australia or the world.  email or call me for my fees.

Ghost Busting Anthony has a lot of experiance in this field of neative home energies and is able to identify & sucessfully completely remove or sooth earth bound entities,  spirits and even ghosts. These energies can be very disruptive to the living and are often firstly identified by children living in a home. By combining Space Clearing with Shamanic practices & sometimes incluidng Vastu, Anthony has very sucessfully helped people with thses problemactic energies.

Anthony has also helped clients with the breaking of persoanl or family curses or ongoing negaive patterns in life.     


Dowsing & Geopathic rectifications 

Anthony offers a comprehensive dowsing service for rectifing Geopathic stress & earth healing.Geopathic stress has been proven to contribute to poor health and mental illness, its removal allows healing to begin inn ernest.     

click here for more info on Geopathic Stress and dowsing  GEOPATHIC STRESS INFO  




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FAQ Fequently asked question 


Q : Where does Anthony work or consult to ? 

Q : I live overseas can you still help me ? 

The Answer : Anywhere on the planet my expertise may be required. I can visit your home or I can do a remote consultation or clearing.  

When its not possible or perferable to actually visting your site and home or place of business, Anthony is able to do remote consultations and Vastu design advice. He has consulted to many overseas and interstate projects. This is done via photos, site plans, aerial photos (Google earth) and surveys of the properties involved. 

Anthony currently works locally in the Southern Highlands, Sydney & Canberra, as well as across NSW, interstate and internationally. So if you have a home, business or one on the way, be that big or very small, Anthony can help you.  


Teaching & lecturing  

Anthony is passionate about teaching. He has extensive experience both teaching and lecturing throughout Australia and overseas. He has taught Feng Shui, Vastu and sacred space design for many years at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He teaches "The Magic Home" course within The Sydney International Feng Shui School. Anthony and has lectured extensively to the public (over 100 lectures)  and also at International conferences such as the International Yoga and Ayurveda Conference  2006 & 2009, the International Feng Shui Conference San Diego, The Internatioanal Feng Shui Conference in Turin, Italy and Australian Feng Shui conferences in Melbourne and Sydney. 

see courses and teaching @ my site


Shamanic Healing & Shamanic mentoring & counsel.  

Not only do I heal, clear and energise places & homes .... I am also able to heal, clear and energise you too. With healing practices including Shamanic Reiki, negative energy & entity removal, energy cleansing, Soul retrieval and Power spirit recovery, along with Entity removal and energetic shamanic body work, I'm a qualified theraputic body worker, Reiki practioner as well as a earth energy worker. I work both in person and on skype remotely. On my premisies I have a bespoke wood fired sauna and dip pool, which may be used for Hot Water healing & purification in conjuntion with other healing techniques. I also over healing directly in Nature, this is where I take you into a pristine setting in nature one of a number of power spots such as a private water fall in the  southern highlands to do the healing, it is very powerful garnishing the inherent healing energies of the earth and nature spirits in conjunction with shamanic healing techniques.       

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"The key message I want to  convey is how each and every one of us can actively engage our physical environments to support our health, well being, total abundance, life vision and true LIFE purpose"


























"A home or even a business environment can not only support you on a physical, emotional & psychological level, it can given the right energy foster & actively help generate a genuine raising of your consciousness & even spiritual enlightenment"

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